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Birthday: Hide age and year

Guest Luke

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Suggestion: Have an AdminCP option that hides the age of members in all areas of the board including the "Today's Birthdays", "Calendar", and "Member Profiles" (the year).

Very important for kids communities...

If you doubt me in how important this is I could always have an entire community register and say so :whistle:...

Should be extremely simple to do... Just want to prevent some weird internet stalkers from going after kids... (in any way I can).

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Could you give a description of the vBulletin one?

On registration page, you enter your birthday and under it there's a list:

Hide both age and birthday
Show age
Show both age and birthday

You can choose however you want from this list. This list is available even this field was set as required :)
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vBulletin allows you to not place the year so it doesn't show your birthdate. While this is all in good, I would like to have a global option to hide the year and age on every member, even if they still have to put the year in.

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Lol... I'm the author of that :P.

I do understand there are mods avaiable. What you need to understand is that when you install a ton of mods it takes a ton of time to make an upgrade, especially if you're the author of such a mod.

Because of the time it takes I've decided not to modify the original source code on my forum anymore. Doing so will allow me to upgrade my forum in minutes rather than hours, weeks, or months.

This feature is the most important to me because it involves safety of minors. It's one thing I can't remove... Anything else, as useful as it is, I'm willing to sacrifice and will be Monday when I upgrade to 2.2.

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May be useful, yes. But when your community is intended for kids you generally want to make that choice for them and hide it regardless. I could always remove the birthday field from the template and blank out all the birth-date values from the database... But people like to celebrate their birthday and be wished a happy birthday. That can be done without knowing how old they are.

Not really asking the functionality to be changed at all. Just want to simply hide the year and age where it may be :). As far as I know it isn't something you can do in the templates... It's added in a PHP string I believe.

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There are suggestions from 3 years ago not implemented yet - just because it's suggested doesn't mean we will add it.

We spent countless hours on the past few releases, only to hear we're taking too long. We add dozens of features throughout releases, only to get complained at because a particular feature YOU want wasn't added. I'm afraid we can't please everyone.

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Maybe just if a user can choose if they want to provide their birth year.

It would be better of having the option totally removed.
People, especially children,
tend to give out personal information.

I don't mean this in a bad way,
but immature children tend to give out too much information,
and a lot of them end up getting hurt.

On a site I go on,
there are a lot of children.
One of the rules is not to give out personal information,
but they give out birthdates because the mod isn't edited for the newest version of IPB.

Making it an option to not even put in their birthdate would be best.
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I need to hide globally all my members birthday details also, I swapped over from vbulletin as well and I have members panicing about such private information being shared, with thousands of members on a board already active I cant expect to ask members to all hide their personal details manually, and it seems it can only be done on registration not when you are already a member too which is a major problem, its imperitive for safety concerns with identity theft etc that this information can be managed from the admin cp

please, please condiser this a high security priority in any upgrades

if some one has a solution how i can hide on my members profiles their bday info I would appreciate to no end being enlightened, I can't manage to find the option myself through looking far n wide.

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