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  1. I sit and wait - almost rotting in hell... when all I want is a stupid COW BELL!

  2. We just moved into a 2300 Sq ft home. I can't remember the last time I was this sore! Ohhhh, my poor body.

  3. CCS Pricing

    Thanks for the update, Charles and company... looking forward to it!
  4. IPB Auto Update Tool?

    I haven't played with IPB 3.x yet so I'm really unsure about the file structure with regards to folks ADDING mods, etc... I'm guessing certain files would be overwritten with the "update" files, therefore rendering the mods "broken"... as well as the board itself. I could be wrong though...
  5. Favorite FTP app

    Ditto for me - I really like FlashFXP and it's all I've used since I heard about it.
  6. CCS: Templates

    Looks and sounds great! You folks keep looking ahead - which is why you should be in business for quite some time to come. Something like this REALLY appeals to me and I'm anxious to test it out and of course.... see the pricing!
  7. MS Excel Help

    Was hoping someone here in the community could help me with an Excel issue/problem I'm having. I have a sheet where one of the columns is "Sort Position". It's an integer and (for ease of explaining) is numbered from 1 to 100. I need to "sort" the sheet based on the sort position column... in a rather odd way. Sort position (record number): 1 51 2 52 3 53 4 54... In other words, I need to take the bottom 50% of the records and alternately insert them into the top 50% of the records. Might anyone have an idea/suggestion? I've installed a freebie software addon for excel called ASAP Utilities (an INCREDIBLE addon I might add), but out of the hundreds of options it provides, I can't find anything that would help in this situation. Anyone? :unsure:
  8. Google Voice

    Yea, I had never heard of the Grand Central service prior to hearing about Google Voice (they reported about it on one of the local news stations). Wish I had heard about it back in the GC days! Now that I have it, perhaps Mr. Throgmartin will return some of my calls! ;)
  9. Google Voice

    Ohhhh, this is cool! I just called my google number from work - and let it go to voicemail. I then got a text from "google voice" with a transcript of the voicemail! Hey, to an old man like me - I think it's pretty neat, far out, nifty keeno! :D
  10. Google Voice

    Got my "invite" yesterday (Monday evening). Have only set it up for the mobile phone so far - but all in all, it seems pretty cool. Now my life controlling boss will be able to dial one number and get me at either home or on the mobile.... OR CAN HE???? :devil:
  11. Google Voice

    Good point (on the calling price)... but the way I look at it, most folks who have a cell phone already have "national" calling - and the same goes for regular land line users ("most" would have a national calling plan if they bundle their services with cable, internet, etc). Anyway - just sitting around for the next couple weeks (or months) waiting for my invite! :) Not sure if I have any "real" use for it, but what the heck - looks like fun!
  12. Google Voice

    Just heard about a new service Google will soon be offering - Google Voice. It's actually pretty cool! Anyone else heard of it and/or planning to use it? Apparently it is only by "invitation" right now, but they say within the next couple of weeks they will open it up.
  13. Ms. Kim - greetings!

  14. Holy snikies, the wonderful Kim visited me! My life is nearly complete! :) Hope all is going well "down under".