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A Feature Suggestion

Guest elj

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This is something that always bugs me - when sending a PM, you have to check 'Message Tracker' (and the other option, which I can't recall at the moment) every time you want them. Would it be possible to have a user option for this, so that you can say 'Always track messages' by default?

I don't know where feature suggestions are supposed to go at the moment, I figure this is the most likely place! :)

ED: Yeah, I should probably have read the last part of the forum guidelines at the top.

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I agree. I think it'd be good as an option. In fact, I would love to see more end user control options over the board in general, from every aspect of their profiles to how they interact with the board.

Although it is not suggested, I'd like to also state that I'd personally hate to see such options turned on by default. I reject any pm's, and even emails to me, that track what I choose to read or not read as simply none of anyone's business by my own. One of VB's releases did that... prompted you for a return recipt every time you received a PM. It was extremely annoying.

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