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  1. не забывай пользоваться расческой! Не в каменном веке живем!

  2. Thank you! Still 3 hours early by my count, but thank you nonetheless! Hope you're doing okay. :)

  3. Happy Birthday James! :D

  4. Safari Error

    I've been getting this fairly often when browsing topics on here over the last few days. Is it an error on the site or an error with my internet connection? Generally I have to wait a few minutes and it starts working again if I go back to the forum index page. Safari can’t open the page. Safari can’t open the page “http://forums.invisionpower.com/index.php?showtopic=267613”. The error was: “bad server response” (NSURLErrorDomain:-1011) If it's an error with my internet, I'll go away quietly. :lol: Just wanted to see if there was anything wrong with the server the forum was on or something related. Thanks. :)
  5. Oh, hey James. It won't be all that often I'll be around, but from time to time. :) Thanks for the comment! ;)

  6. Nice to see you're still posting around here. :)

  7. I got bored and thought I'd pacify Tommeh who keeps calling me 'lj'.

  8. Hey James :D
    New name???

  9. Me and my parents used to go caravaning a lot when I was younger - Ferry Meadows was one of the 4 or 5 places that really sticks out in my mind! :)

  10. So... what were you doing in Ferry Meadows all those years ago? :)

  11. Brandon Farber is now a ZCE

    Congratulations! It's made me want to take it now... maybe I'll look into it over summer.
  12. Happy New Year. :)