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IPB 2.2 - Topic Rating: 5 stars? no 10

Guest miky2008

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I agree that users should be able to remove the rating they've given to a topic. What if an originally high rated topic suddenly went terribly off-topic, for example?

Well to be fair, you can always change your rating if something like that should ever occur. However, I do agree about the idea of half-stars, as well as the "out of 10" rating, and would like to see that.
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Maybe. It depends on how you're using it.

In my case, I use the topic ratings NOT to rate the discussions themselves, but rather to rate the SUBJECTS of the discussion, in my case individual movies, recordings, TV shows.

One way I use this data is to create a Metacritic-like Film ratings webpage that lists, in descending order, the ratings given by my members to the films that have received five or more votes. (Our #1 film from 2006 so far is United 93.) It's just a SQL query in a php script, plus some math, but it's a great use of the ratings system.

As far as the ability to REMOVE already-cast votes, I'm very much in favor of that. People always make mistakes, for examply accidentally clicking a rating for (in my case) a film they haven't even seen yet, or which they later decide not to have an opinion on.

If my members had a more detailed way of casting votes (e.g. 1-10 or half stars), and the ability to remove their votes, the accuracy of the ratings system might be enhanced.

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