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Is it possible for Beta 2 to RC 1?

Guest Alex

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And the same /upgrade/ path will work on 2.1.7, right? I'm not upgrading my live board yet, but I was just making sure.

Correct. The upgrade script will determine what current version the DB is running, and will upgrade as approrpriate :)
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I just installed the Beta 2 test board a few days ago so it's nice to hear I can upgrade to RC1 so I don't have to lose the entire board like with Beta 1 ;)

The Announcement Topic does not say you can upgrade from Beta 2 to RCI...it just mentions the 2.1.7>RC1 upgrade. Might wanna add the Beta2>RC1 too so peeps won't be asking 20 million questions about that possibillity :whistle:

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