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  1. Why can't I type text in topic post screen?

    1. Black Prowler

      Black Prowler

      Thanx to whoever fixed my posting issue ;)

  2. IP.Nexus

    will there be another pre-sale? It's been a busy summer and I missed the first two. :(
  3. IP.Nexus Second Pre-Sale

    crap I missed it! :o :( Hope there will be another pre-sale soon! :unsure:
  4. IP.Shopping Cart 1.0

    sounds like a great idea! :thumbsup: I hope IPS considers this! (w00t)
  5. new staff forum looks cool! too bad I am not Staff lol!

  6. this profile customize thing is cool!

    1. joelle


      I like it, too. :)

  7. IP.Board 3.1.0 Dev News: Twitter Integration

    this is very cool! :thumbsup: I've begun using twitter to get the word out about my forums. This nice addition will help out a lot. ;)
  8. IP.Content 1.2.0 on its way

    Looks very cool. I haven't had time to play around with ip content much but now that the holidays are over and winter is setting in I should get more stuck into it. :thumbsup: In regard to the addition of editors I am not familiar with some of the ones you have added. are any of these considered an HTML editor? If not can you add one for a future release? It would be so much easier to code right from ip content than to code in my html program and then port over to ip content. I don't beleive this function exists currently unless I am missing something somewhere. :unsure:
  9. Powered By IP.Board 3.0.0

    a very nice surprise to come home to after work :thumbsup: While I am still unsure about upgrading my live boards with it it will be fun to install as a test board to see how it works. Now I just have to find time to upgrade my server to php 5. :ermm:
  10. IPB Final Release?

    so are the other 29 days. :P I'm guessing it will be June 30th just so IPS can be wiseguys and say they did release it in as planned. :lol:
  11. Prowlin' around......

  12. How do you know what I know? :unsure: :lol: I could say 'you don't actually know that' regarding your post too. :P I was just posting my original response based on the numerous topics I've seen on the subject since the early days of IPB. There clearly seems to be a lot of support for this feature. And most of the posts in this thread seem to support it so do the math. :cool:
  13. IP.Board 3.0.0 Public Preview Coming Soon

    Well I guess my prediction for an announcement on Holloween was correct :D :P This will be fun to explore before getting a copy of it...this way I don't have to worry about any wierd stuff happening on my host's server. :teehee: Trick or treat! (w00t) :alien: :lol:
  14. BAN reason is not shown to the banned member

    Why would this be a good thing? :rolleyes: I'm not even sure IPB shows the reason the user is banned when they try to login. I think it just says they are suspended or banned until a specified date you assign via the acp. :cool:
  15. I am aware of the promote and demote members thing in IPB. ;) Joinable groups work quite qwell. The control is by the Admin's and Moderated by Moderators. Members are allowed to seek application to join a group which must be approved by a Moderator. In some cases approval may not be needed but the abillity is there as per other forum softwaere and Modifications. If you don't want it than don't use it...but I still think it should be available since the demand for it far exceeds those who oppose it. :cool: That's a built in feature in other boards and modifications. Of course the Admin would need to have that option. ;)