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licensing for new customers?

Guest Wozzzzza

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in the thread above its got the options for existing customers, how about if we are new customers when this new price structure comes in?? i hear theres no perpetual license any more????? only a yearly option, how much is this yearly option and renewal of yearly option after new pricing structure??
what is the best way to go? get a perpetual license now or wait until new pricing structure??

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this will be closed soon since its not feedback, but your best is to buy now, there will be no more yearly licenses, the new pricing structure is somewhere here on the forums, (dont feel like looking myself)

im just following instructions as posted in the sticky above that read

More Questions

Please start a topic with any other questions not answered here. We will update this list with items we may have missed.


Read that :)

yep, read that, only talks about existing customers.
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