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  1. Hi, How do you change the icons colour on the top right? I've attached screenshot.
  2. I'll reinstall Pages then as It's just a blog post.. ill let you know how it goes.
  3. Great plugin! Just wanted to ask, I have a sidebar and it sort of breaks if u see the screenshot. I could delete the sidebar somehow just for that view page?
  4. How can you limit the amount of text? Just want to try get all the blocks around the text the same size so they not all different hights
  5. It sort of stops the login from refreshing and working by having the above line (i can show you the url for u to see)
  6. Thanks for the very quick reply!, sorry maybe because it's late but where to put the "ref=" ? - How could you get the login to take u back to another page?
  7. It maybe to hard todo but here goes, On my site I have pages setup with a RSVP, Guests can fill in the RSVP, Could I some how make it so it creates or sends them after the submit it to the register page? or some how setup a account? I've used the "Redirect to another page" Action, and done that to a Manual config to URL (index.php?/login/ - That works fine, but soon as you login it shows the database (RSVP area) unfilled in, So it looks like it didn't work and they end up doing it again?
  8. On the Actions tab select Email, if you go to Message ContentIf you could select more then 1 Data To Use option would be great? - Unless i missed a option, As the email is very basic and I wanted 2 custom fields from RSVP db?
  9. Reading the posts in the topic could really do with a FAQ, So many helpful stuff from the users! - About to buy it and am happy that you can contact the maker so easy too
  10. I can't seem to find out why I would have a blank option above 0 Children, when the ACP view shows only 3 options?
  11. Incase anyone having problems (i've helped 2 already) - If the xml upload doesn't work right.. do the following Click Pages, Click Templates, Click New (drop down) click "Add database template" Name: Plantemplate type : Record Listing (show when clicking a category)Assign to Database : content db 9 (this maybe different)Then open each template CategoryFooter CategoryHeader recordRow and copy and paste the code from the .txt files (same for css) - CSS problem? Css works on the Pages settinggo to your Page, Click the Tab "page includes" and select "CSS/Status.css" - and that will link the database with the css file - if unsure just reply here
  12. Tournament Comments & Upcoming Schedule - Can you hide this by default?
  13. File Name: bfarber's 2.3.1 Portal Redirect File Submitter: tzrtim File Submitted: 23 Aug 2006 File Category: Modifications A very simple Script for users to have the portal on there front page This is for users that have there Forum OUTSIDE the root directory! The File structure is showed below - Root <-- add the index.php here /forum < your forum [26/8/2006] Update : uploaded in a zip to stop it being renamed! Click here to download this file
  14. yes you can upgrade from RC1 to the other versions
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