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Mod request - Wildcard Search Function

Guest musicory

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Rumor has it there's a place around here to post mod requests? If anyone can help me out as to where this should go, I'd appreciate it. Thanks.

I am interested in a quote for the following mod for my forum that I host for free for a non-profit organization.
I have a custom field that registerees are required to fill out on my board and I would like to be able to perform a wildcard search function on that custom field. This can be done in Admin CP but not on the board. On the actual board, IPB only lets you search from the beginning of the field. Can anybody make this and if so, how much would you guys charge? Thanks!

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Wildcard is a basic search feature. Please implement this feature in future versions (optionally, for those who want it because the index files get much bigger)

It's really annoying to search large forums like mine (2.5 million posts, germanscooterforum.de) without wildcard.
Without wildcard it's very difficult to find all relevant topics since you never know the exact string to search for...

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Well, first step is to change the sphinx config file, which you are entirely free to do. I can't remember if there's any changes needed to the PHP code however to support Wildcard search in Sphinx. Do you happen to know off the top of your head? If not, I'll go hunt down the docs and take a look.

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