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Expand Logging. It is so seriously lacking.

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While you're revamping the ACP. PLEASE finish the logging function and log all of the actions you take. There are like 3x as many actions that go utterly un-logged in the ACP as actually do get logged. Maybe even a "ACP/Moderator Logging Settings" inside of "General Options" that would log far more and give you the option of what to log like

Moderator Logs:

  • Log moving of topics through:
    • post form
    • forum inline moderation
    • topic inline moderation

  • Log editing of topic titles and posts content.
    • A before and after for the post (with an optional on/off). Some of us don't care how much space the logs take up and would love to have a depth level we can configure it at. And it does need to have the on/off switch for this option and all of the others as there are people who do like to save space.

  • Log the moving/splittong/merging of topics better.
    • For example, when you split a topic it only gives the source topics ID # and not the ID number of the resulting topic. It is a very incomplete log of what has just occurred and extremely easy to lose said created topic and never have a complete log of it.

Administrator Logs: [*]Anything else I have not mentioned but has no logs, that too.
  • General Settings.
    • Most of the general settings remain utterly un-logged and there are now too many general settings to get any useful information from the logs in their current state.

    • [*] ACP Skin Manager (on/off switch).
      • [*]A lot as deep as what template / skin set was edited and when. And who. Anything deeper is already handled by the skin state reversion system. As a side note to the reversion system it would be nice to be able to see a reversion history or maybe just the last reversion
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I also agree- logs are extremly important for figuring out when and how stuff happened and who did them. IPB does some logging now, but I think there should be even more. Keep up the good work :thumbsup:

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