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  1. Our users get confused following a thread that includes multiple conversations. Is threaded replies a thing already? Similar to when you reply to somebody in the comments section on Instagram?
  2. Have just added new badges for blogs and set up the rules. How long does it take for them to take effect or do I need to literally regenerate all points and badges again?
  3. At the moment, it's configured to just 1 colour for all user groups that have their posts highlighted. This can get a little messy and hard to distinguish in communities where multiple different groups have this enabled.
  4. Love the new functionality but wondering if the badges are available in a PSD toolkit so that we can customise without having to start from scratch? Thanks, Liam
  5. LiamH

    What's new in 4.6.0?

    Is it possible in 4.6 to link post reactions with user rank? For example, levelling to #10 unlocks a new post reaction unavailable to lower levels? If not can I put this forward as a feature suggestion please?
  6. Hoping someone can help -- can't find any information, but how do back ups work with cloud based? Are they auto generated? How long are they stored for? Thanks!
  7. Just wondering if there's a feature to PM new users with a standard welcome message once they've registered?
  8. For context, we are setting up a series of sliders - first is a register/login prompt for users not logged in. Second is for logged in users only and we'd like it to say something along the lines of Welcome Back {username}. New to Invision so unsure if there are any tags for this? Thanks!
  9. Hey, great app. Just wondering -- we have certain keywords configured that when posted will trigger moderator approval. Can we use this app to notify us on Slack whenever that happens?
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