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  1. Yes to all of this! I personally also try to pause if I'm feeling a certain type of way. 100% of the time when I circle back, I'm able to manage my communication far, far better than had I reacted impulsively. Though I do love me some raw, in the moment emotion as well 😆 If you can act in the present moment the way you would in the future... that's goals!
  2. Is this a bad time to say 'Remove your ad blocker and become a member 🤠'
  3. I installed it but I'm not sure I see any changes? But that's better I presume than seeing something broken lol Looking forward to it being baked into 4.6!
  4. I tend to learn towards this route versus using the Feedback website (example https://feedback.clickup.com). One thing we talked about recently is creating too many sub-forums and how clunky that is, but I do think it could be useful to break things down further based by app. I know we just revamped the forum sections so maybe this isn't coming at a great time 😆 But it could maybe be like FEATURE SUGGESTION FORUM (type: category) Forum (type: questions) Blog (type: questions) Pages (type: questions) Gallery (type: questions)
  5. I have not seen this section on Lego till now. Wow. That is seriously cool!
  6. Appreciate the kind words and understanding. @Joel R, I'd like to think at the end of the day you love Invision Community (despite our pitfalls) and that's why your feedback came off as, um, passionate as it did. But it would be greatly appreciated if moving forward we held off on that kind of commentary. We are real people behind these usernames that care. We care about you, the community and our product. 🙏
  7. Harness the force as a community leader. A long time ago in the Interwebs far, far away... I proudly signed off all my posts and emails with the title: Owner, Administrator. Anyone in a 10-mile digital radius from me was made well aware: I AM AN OWNER AND ADMINISTRATOR. I AM IMPORTANT I PROMISE. I OWN AND ADMINISTRATE!!! Granted I held off on the all-caps, but still. My assertion permeated throughout all areas of my online presence. Though well-intentioned, my identity as an administrator pushed me away from the community I fostered. I focused mor
  8. You bring up an interesting point. One thing that's difficult is indeed the future. Generally speaking, of course we have an idea of where things are headed and goals we want to accomplish, but because there are so many moving parts, the future is hard to predict. I know that's not a satisfying answer considering we all have communities and businesses. But any implementation / change we make is because we want to offer a better product 💯 (please don't bring Zapier into this lol I see some of you). Even if we consider looking inward, can we really know where our lives will be in a ye
  9. Yea I hear that. Absorbing all this feedback still. 👍 I like the idea in theory and the concept of it all, but is it opening a can of worms?
  10. Well that is a fair assessment, but that makes us sound far more calculated than we really are 😆. I think the bigger hurdle we face isn't necessarily about worrying what the competition does/sees, but carefully handling expectations. I personally like this feedback website idea because I'm a big believer in transparency amongst communities, however in this particular instance I fear it could get out of control pretty fast. If we create a list of items we want to implement but then change our minds for whatever reason, we may open the door for our community feeling misrepresen
  11. Agree with @Charles! Would love to see this 👏 What I do is take ideas I find extra valuable back to our internal ticket system and include the topic link where it originated from. Then we go through and say yes yes, no, no, no, yes to the ideas (if they are good fits basically). Then from there we prioritize.
  12. No I totally understand. I am also self-hosted on my own community so I feel your guys' pain. But I do also understand and respect my team's decision. It's actually been a bit of a painful process for us to relay this. Because we care and want you guys to love Invision and not lose any spark. I think there's an opportunity cost that's being felt right now. We have never had Zapier, but the thought of having Zapier and what it can do, and knowing it won't be possible with the current setup, it definitely stings. I think us trying to highlight gamification, performance improvements,
  13. I hear you. I'm sorry if the way I came off was fluffy. Please let me digest this and circle back.
  14. Hey there. I'm sorry you're feeling frustrated. If it's any consolation, my forum is also self-hosted - which means I won't gain access to Zapier as well. I know this is a point of contention right now so I feel your pain. I'd like to share that I offered to write this blog post. My Invision Community team isn't using me as a scapegoat or hiding behind me to share this news. 🙏 Trust me when I say we've talked a lot (I mean a LOT) about the pros and cons of Zapier. We want to give you guys the absolute best service. That's where the dissonance presents itself - I know many self-hosted cli
  15. Wow. Nice work! Thank you. Curious to see how this performs. 🙏 I'm eager/excited for 4.6 too. I'll add to my community later today and see what happens. 🙂
  16. Hey. I'm actually not quite sure what you mean. I believe a lot of the suggestions you've made recently could be accomplished on an individual basis with CSS 🙂 This may not be a case for one size fits all 😇 @kmk
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