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  1. Could you perhaps add support for ipboard 4.3? 😄
  2. Hey Fosters! I love the new features, but I would love to recommend so more! ? Add the ability to edit the approved/denied messages. Add the ability to allow certain ranks to create posts in the forum with the "Create Application" button. This would allow for things such as announcements, informational posts, etc. Maybe even add an ability where for one of the fields you sign in through steam and it gets the SteamID / SteamID64 for you! Keep up the great work, it looks great! ?
  3. It doesn't appear that the topic reply is in this template, only the topic that is originally made.
  4. Is there also a way I can edit the approved/denied topic reply?
  5. https://gyazo.com/6db8d2f5278fce5d0deffed2f5e4a717 So it seems that I have an issue with my application instructions ?
    Absolutely terrible support. I PMed this guy days ago because I have an error with the way the server list displays players - and he's been on the forums, but not responding to my PM (probably intentionally). I've tried going to his "support website" but all I get is a redirect to a survey/ads website. DO NOT buy this addon. It's dead.
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