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  1. I don't recommend a company currently in a lawsuit for illegally selling user's data and supporting CPC propaganda by suppressing activists against the inhumane treatment under the current Communist regime. That being said, Arrowchat is compatible with IPS and just had a major update to its software. https://www.arrowchat.com/
  2. I think this was based on the conditions that CKEditor gets upgraded to version 5+, and they can confirm that the collaboration between Grammarly and CKEditor was successful and none of the past technical issues would be present. I'm not sure about the second part, but the first part hasn't happened yet. Release notes from 4.5 Beta 5
  3. Given that most of these tools rely on IPs, which for most people are dynamic and can be easily changed, I don't see the point. We tried to do this early on when we switched to IPS and it didn't stop people from making multiple accounts if they applied a tiny bit of effort. Same with a cookie. It would take nothing for someone to clear their cache and bypass that within 30 seconds.
  4. I don't know enough about it to give input, I just know that my members have been begging for an app for mobile push notifications and I support whatever can get us there soon.
  5. Not easy to tell that from looking at the application itself because it says it's only compatible with 4.3.
  6. Thanks! I used the search function and that topic didn't come up.
  7. With FA6's release on the horizon (a little over a month), does Invision plan on updating the FA version anytime soon? I've seen so many topics/posts from members asking for an update to FA5, but IPB 4.5 looks to still be using a version of FA4. https://fontawesome.com/6
  8. Godspeed to all of the third party developers in the next couple of months.
  9. If only the actual marketplace looked as nice and clean as that. 😱
  10. Ratings and reactions are not the same thing.
  11. I think you misunderstand. The "Categories" button at the top of the page, underneath the navigation, is being hidden by the top navigation header in mobile view. In the default theme you can see the button in gray above the first listing labeled "$10 Chibi Headshots" However, I've already identified the issue. We have the header hidden since we don't need it, and this has messed with the margin settings. I'll figure out how to remedy this since it's due to a change I did custom.
  12. It's a button that allows members to submit new listings in the marketplace, and another button that allows them to select a category. I was just using that as an example. Here are other examples of the navigation bar covering up the top of the page.
  13. On tablet/mobile view, the navigation menu at the top overlaps page content. For example, on this page there is a dark grey button that should appear at the top, but it's 98% covered. Updated to latest version and still present.
  14. I understand this viewpoint, but at the same time I also understand why so many people want features that exist on more mainstream social platforms due to the popularity and to have more of seamless transition. People who are used to the way Twitter works would be more inclined to stick around on other websites that function like Twitter because people hate change and learning new things. 😛 But I also agree that a lot of features people borderline harass the staff to add are things that could be done in a quick plugin or app to satisfy the needs of about ~50-100 communities and leave the rest of us that don't want it alone. Morrigan is correct. We already have the tagging system that helps with content organization, I would much rather IPB improve upon this feature instead of adding something new or changing its function completely. I wanted to compare how this test app functioned differently than tags just out of curiosity's sake.
  15. It’s on the topic you linked above. I haven’t tried reading anything else. I just wanted to see how the hashtags worked.
  16. You can create a simple div with x amount of links that you need and fix it to the bottom of the screen. You can use icons in place of text links and stylize them to look similar to the above. To have it show on mobile only, you would just use the @media css tag to display it on specified mobile screen sizes.
  17. Sorry to tell you this, but there are... no matter where I click I get pop ups telling me to apply for Amazon jobs, listen to different songs which tried to redirect me to Apple Music, and now I’m being blocked from viewing anything because I’ve hit some sort of limit even though I haven’t been able to view anything yet. 🤨
  18. I went to view the page you linked to see it in action, but I’m unable to view it without being bombarded with pop-up ads. (I’m on mobile.) Anyone else using this that I can take a peek?
  19. Oooo, I really like this. Going to bookmark this for the future. (I also want to add a +1 for a version that also works for commerce because my members have been asking for this since 2017 and Invision has ignored my suggestions for it because of stupid gift cards haha.)
  20. You can do this easily with some html and css for the mobile version of your site.
  21. Hey @Makoto! Quick question before I purchase this. Is there a way to disable the delete option and only display the deactivate option for a member if they've received warnings? We keep all of our accounts with warnings for a minimum of 12 months in case legal action is taken against the user. (We deal with a lot of intellectual property infringement.) I know we can decline the deletion request, but it would avoid the argument of "well why did you give me the option if I can't use it."
  22. Nah, I haven’t renewed since early 2019 and have bought/renewed many marketplace purchases since then. I’ll contact support then!
  23. I know but it’s not letting me. Normally it would say there’s a pending renewal invoice that needs to be paid, but it doesn’t say anything or give me any options. I have pending renewal invoices that are months old so I don’t know why I wouldn’t have one for a file that just recently hit its renewal date?
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