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  1. I'm just going to be upfront with you. I will remain slightly bitter until the automation and gamification options we could build with Kevin's app become a fully integrated core feature. I cannot overstate just how crippling losing the 30+ custom rules I spent hours building myself was to our site. I'm a broken record about this, but you can go into my post history and find examples of how I used this app to really get Invision going to its full potential based on the needs of my community, which was a lot. I'm not talking about just "fun stuff" either, I'm talking about automation that increased the staff workflow tenfold, boosted engagement with custom emails and front-end notifications for too many things to list, added extra functionalities to downloads, commerce, and groups (clubs) that were missing that should come standard (in my personal opinion), etc. And the biggest kick in the throat is that we also were able to improve on the apps that Invision barely updates, like the gallery for example. That's one of the most used apps in my community, second to pages which features a lot of gallery based content. I know they just do basic maintenance on the other apps because forums is their bread and butter, but god damn they treat the gallery like their red-headed step child. Since moving here in 2017 I have suggested so many improvements that have fallen on deaf ears it seems. We've had to backtrack so much that when I heard of the Zapier integrations, it almost brought a tear to my exhausted, frustrated eyes. Finally a light at the end of the tunnel for my community... but now it's locked behind their cloud service. Invision charges $590/m for 100GB storage in their cloud service (that's the option I would have to select if I were to switch)... that is more than my yearly server and storage costs combined, and that's PER MONTH. I pay $7/m for 1TB storage, and if I go over that, it's only an additional $6 per TB. I don't want to leave Invision. I'd rather just stick with the software even if it's not perfect to save my community the hassle of having to move again, but that is just very unrealistic.
  2. I had to stay away from this blog for a few days as my original message was not nice at all and did not properly convey my frustration; It was just an angry, yelling rant. This is still a rant, but a bit more coherent I suppose. After the botched mobile app that still to this day doesn't work outside of forums, Zapier integration was the last thing keeping us with an active license. From the first time you guys announced the possibility up until last week, we were all led to believe that it would be something we would all have access to, and you waited until now to tell us otherwise when I'm sure you knew it was headed down this path a long time ago. Nice little observation of you conveniently using your new community advocate to take the brunt of the backlash. (Clever, whether it was intended or not. Let's be real and not pretend like we didn't know this would be a massive controversy.) Invision could be so much better, but it is so behind in even simple automation and gamification at its core that it is almost quite literally painful every time I discuss it with other community managers, warning them to stay away. The shiny extra apps do not make up for the extra workload of keeping your members engaged that other sites handle for you. Why such a seasoned and developed paid software is being outshined by newborn open-sources in this particular department will continue to baffle me. I can't even do super basic automation such as happy birthday emails, moving members based on banned status, or rewarding general activity without having to pay for something else that isn't officially supported! Moving my members over to Invision a few years ago was hell, and I don't want to subject them to that again so soon, but as of making this post, I have zero reason to ever renew again. We were in the process of getting custom work done that required a budget in the thousands, but we'll need to rethink that investment majorly now.
  3. ahc

    Updates to our community

    I still cannot see the link you originally sent me discussing a "recent change", I also still cannot create a help topic within the help section. Let me reiterate that I do not have an active license, so I'm not going to see it if the permissions you're checking apply to clients. I need help on how to update my active, paid-for apps through the ACP marketplace as it is currently preventing me from doing so without an active license. I keep getting told that I should be able to do this because of a "recent change", however, it is still gating me from the updates. Under the "Marketplace" section, I do not have access to Requests, and I can see Support but I cannot create topics/replies. I logged back in and I can now reply to support topics. I do not plan on renewing my license as we only do it every major update if it particularly sparks interest. If this is intended and won't change, who do I need to talk to about getting refunds for marketplace items since I cannot send in support tickets?
  4. ahc

    Updates to our community

    Thank you, also reiterating my question above. When was that particular change made or when will it go into effect?
  5. ahc

    Updates to our community

    Don't know what you're talking about since that content is still gated. When was this change made? My license expired last week and I have 7 plugins/apps that need updating, but I'm being locked from the updates claiming I have to pay to renew my Invision license.
  6. ahc

    Updates to our community

    I can't post a new topic in the help area. I know I'm not a client, but I have active paid-for subscriptions to numerous plugins and apps, and I should still be able to have access to those and keep them updated on my site regardless of my status with Invision.
  7. Interesting to see a community advocate that accuses people of being hostile because they have a conservative tone via text. Good luck. 😏
  8. Glad to see you're back! Can't wait for this to be updated. It's such an essential tool for my community and we've definitely noticed a difference without it.
  9. We keep the theme updated as often as possible, so it would be the prior version number to the current one. I did manage to get this issue fixed by disabling rocketloader, so we'll be okay for now. I'm not noticing any slow page speeds, just a little odd that it started struggling with making sure the stored settings loaded with the page.
  10. Hey again Axen I just updated the theme to 3.1.4 and made sure this time to override any of our customized templates with yours since we had that minor userbar icon issue last time. I haven't gone in to re-add our customizations yet, but I have noticed that the light/dark toggle seems to be struggling a bit. Members who use the dark theme have noticed that when they visit the website, it loads the light theme first then switches to the dark theme and causes a bright flash of light effect which they aren't too happy with. Also, on some pages, it takes a good 2-3 seconds for it to switch to the dark theme as well. (I can reproduce this myself on my own account.) I had no reports of this issue prior to the upgrade today. Any idea what's happened? (I have cleared the website cache to make sure nothing was stuck.)
  11. Hm. I tried making a secondary group featured, but it wouldn't work. I don't have any other featured groups set up, just the one I was testing. It wouldn't work unless I added the primary group of the member's profile I was viewing. The primary group of this account is 4, which the block does show without issue when I set the group ID to 4. When I change 4 to the ID of the secondary group this account has, it disappears. There are no other featured groups set up, so nothing should be taking priority or overriding it. Am I still doing something wrong? I figured out the issue, it was 100% my fault and was a simple quick fix. Sorry for the bother!!
  12. Small request regarding Featured Groups, can this also include secondary groups? We use secondary groups to give people special permissions and titles more than primary, so it would be cool to be able to use this feature with them instead of keeping it off. Thanks!
  13. I don't know... Facebook is one of the most used websites in the world and is also one of the most cluttered websites in the world when it comes to links and features which are added to almost weekly it seems, yet people seem to manage just fine. I think you can have a lot of things if you do so in a way that doesn't make it frustrating trying to find something.
  14. Feature Request: The ability for admins to manually deactivate someone's account via a setting in the ACP. Sometimes people request account deletion and we deny it for legal reasons (Usually involved with DMCA), so we'd like to just deactivate it instead since 9 times out of 10, the member never comes back to do it themselves. Improvement Request: The ability to provide a reason when we reject someone's account deletion request. I thought this was already possible, but it seems it was my mistake as I can't find anywhere to do so when rejecting someone. It would be beneficial for them to know specifically why we can't.
  15. This is for custom notifications you push manually, not for automatic notifications. You'll want something like this:
  16. Hello @Fosters just checking in. Any ETA on when this will be upgraded? It currently does not work on 4.5 and is the last essential application we're waiting on an upgrade for.
  17. I'm literally scouring Invision trying to find the plugin that does this. Could I pretty please have a link? Thank you!! Also @DawPi Yes, having it send an inline notification that links members to the content that was moderated instead of sending a PM would be absolutely amazing. We used the Rules app to create various triggers to send automatic notifications for nearly every moderator action and we would jump on your app immediately if it had this functionality. Sending a mass of PMs for everything is very old-school (in my opinion) and not something a lot of people like, especially in communities where PMs are used to conduct business. Automatic PMs feel almost like spam when a quick notification is all that's needed.
  18. I send about 180k/m but it would cost more to choose the 100k plan and then be charged the fee for each additional email over that. A lot of our members prefer to get email notifications since they pop up on their mobile. Good alternative until our website's mobile app is finished and they finally get push notifications.
  19. No, still using our server. We send a lot of emails so even using Sparkpost, we'd have to use their $170/m plan to accommodate it.
  20. @breatheheavy SparkPost is compatible via SMTP only, but it used to be fully integrated just like SendGrid until Invision removed it. It's cheaper and more reliable in a lot of ways than SendGrid ever has been. I haven't looked too much into other options outside of SparkPost because we switched back to using our server which is doing okay for now. I forgot to also note that when I first created my SendGrid account, they suspended it a few hours later because they thought I stole someone's registered business information to sign up for an account without giving me the option to verify. It took several weeks for me to prove that I owned the business. SendGrid can shove it where the sun doesn't shine for all I care.
  21. We stopped using SendGrid for this reason. More than half of our emails were not being delivered because we kept being assigned IP addresses that were blocked by most of the top providers. When I sent in a ticket, they told me I would need to pay more money or just deal with it because they don't try to get their IPs unblocked. I dealt with it by deleting my SendGrid account. They got rid of SparkPost integration because of numerous issues and terrible customer service, but I actually had zero issues using SparkPost where I've always had those issues with SendGrid.
  22. Thank you for the quick fix! I don't mind waiting for the new version to be approved.
  23. Thank you for the fix on the posts. We've run into another issue. Guests who try to register to our site receive an error after they submit their registration form. After long testing and troubleshooting, we've discovered that it only happens when this app is enabled. This is the full log from ACP: This is a very critical bug and we have to keep it disabled until this is resolved. The registrations will still go through, however, this bug allows them to bypass email verification and lets them have full access of the website upon leaving the error page. We made several accounts to test this: We used a mixture of real and fake emails. Notice how none of the accounts are awaiting email validation even though they should be. (The cancelled registrations were tests done while the app was disabled.) The test accounts are using fake emails and cannot validate via email, and the two accounts using real email addresses never received an email asking them to validate their account. None of these accounts should have access to the website and should get the "Please confirm your email" page when they log into the site, but I'm able to browse/use the site like a validated user when I log into them. When this app is disabled, registrations go through without the error and they are forced to validate via email as intended. Let me know if you need anymore information!
  24. I'm sure he'll get to it soon. This is one of the last apps on my site that needs an upgrade for 4.5. ☺️
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