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  1. @TheJackal84 Curious about this myself as my staff are considering the purchase of this application and are curious as to whether this is a feature or not. (If it is not a feature, that's fine... they are just inquisitive)
  2. That is true— I did overlook situations like that, so you have a good point. And I'm glad that I'm not the only one who sees those flaws that you mentioned... I experienced those issues too and wasn't sure if it was ill-intention, a bug or user-error on my end. Hope these things can get resolved soon, like in the next major update that they have planned or so... I'd much rather have things such as these addressed before adding new features such as fancy emojis and whatever other nonsense "trending" social stuff.
  3. First, please let me stress- I am software developer myself so I am well aware of the business and how things are done, so please excuse my forwardness. But I am genuinely curious about this, and am extremely hoping that there is either some other way to do this or this is either planned on being improved or is being worked on as we speak. For the first time, I have finally had a need to use the Different Pricing & Stock Levels Depending on Custom Fields feature for a product within the Commerce application. Aside from several apparent bugs involving failure-to-save the values (which I will not go into right now due to the possibility of them being a server mis-configuration somewhere on my end which I have not yet ruled out), is there seriously no other way to perform this task aside from individually going through every single possible choice combination from the custom fields? I have 6 custom fields, and it appears that the software— in the infinite wisdom of whoever was responsible for the design/implementation of this portion— IMHO, decided on the absolute worst method for fetching this data, requiring the user to manually enter the supply and price for each combination of all custom fields and their values. The result: Product has 6 custom fields. IPS is prompting for 40,001 entries (yes, forty-thousand and one entries) and on a single page. which prompts the question....is this a joke? Even if I were to physically type each entry, the ACP would time the session out before I could finish and I would lose all my work. The page is so long (see the scroll-bar size) that the 64-bit browser on my modern computer [with a quad-core Intel i7-6700 64-bit processor and 16GB of memory] hangs for almost 10 seconds while the page is partially generated. All this doesn't even consider the visual appearance this poor design choice makes: the page was too wide to fit the screen requiring me to zoom-out to 67% just to see everything. And this is on a standard screen resolution of 1920x1080. Please understand that I am overall very satisfied with IPS— this issue aside. I have used it myself a few years or so, and over the years have had little to no complaints that were even remotely worth being concerned about. I have looked through plenty of IPS's code and am impressed with its overall cleanliness and good organization. Truthfully, something this glaring does not even sound like something that would be part of IPS. I seriously hope there is some other way to do this, or at the very least, has plans to be re-worked in the near future.
  4. Love this plugin. Any chance (perhaps in a future version or in 4.3) you could add an option to display usernames by their group formatting? For example, if a user were in the Administrators group, and it had a group format of bold, italic, and colored red, users in that group would have their username formatted like this: SomeUsername instead of the default plain format. Kind of like how phpBB3 displays usernames. I realize that might be a bit involved, but that would just be awesome. ? EDIT: Just found this: which I suppose will work meanwhile. But would certainly be a cool feature to have from this plugin if time permits
  5. I figured an internal database already existed, so this is good to hear that it in-fact does. Meanwhile, you can do a directory/file search with Notepad++, or whatever utility you use (from the root of the IPS directory), copy the results to a text file, and then regex the results. I started doing this a while ago, but got busy with other stuff and never finished it. A snippet of what I regex'd, just to illustrate what I am talking about: node_error,2B221/1,404 no_module_permission,2B227/1,403 node_error,2B202/1,403 node_error,2B202/2,404 node_error,2B201/1,404 no_module_permission,2B201/2,403 no_module_permission,2B201/3,403 no_module_permission,2B201/4,403 blog_rss_offline,2B201/5,403,blog_rss_offline_admin rss_import_disabled,2B201/7,403 no_module_permission,2B201/6,403 TODO,1B203/1,403 node_error,2L217/1,404 node_error,2L217/3,404 event_rss_feed_off,2L182/1,404,event_rss_feed_off_admin TODO,1L169/4,403 feed_not_found,2L169/2,404 feed_not_found,2L169/3,404 feed_not_found,2L169/1,404 ical_error_.TODO,4L169/5,500 node_error,2L179/1,403 node_error,2L179/2,404 rsvp_error,2L179/3,403 rsvp_limit_nomaybe,3L179/4,403 rsvp_limit_reached,3L179/5,403 node_error,3L369/1,403 node_error,2L354/1,404 node_error,2L182/2,404 error_bad_date,2L182/7,403 error_bad_date,2L182/8,403 error_bad_date,2L182/9,403 error_bad_date,2L182/A,403 cms_delete_linked_topic,1T281/1,403 cms_delete_linked_topic,1T281/1,403 no_module_permission,2T279/1,403 There are of course some rogue lines in there, but hopefully it illustrates my general point.
  6. Never mind-- this can be disregarded as it has been solved. I previously ran a query through the database to update the file locations to the remote SMB share and for some reason, only NOW did I notice that the path for one of the storage configurations was malarkey--- with a \\ in the beginning AND in between the remaining path, separating the directories. I updated it to use \\\\ in the beginning of the share, and \/ everywhere else, and now everything appears to function properly. I am surprised I missed that when I previously checked the DB... but oh well. Now I can finally proceed to test the install on the clustered remote SMB share via iSCSI for high availability.
  7. Hello, I'd like to either get some advice if possible, or report a possible bug with IPS 4.2.x with regard to dealing with directories on SMB shares. I have a test installation located on an SMB share, with the html root of the website located on a share like so: \\smbserver.domain.net\web\ips4\html The problem is, regardless of any variation of the above path I enter into the constants.php for either the Datastore or Temp directory, IPS creates all the files in the wrong location. Specifically, instead of creating the files here: \\smbserver.domain.net\web\ips4\html ... it creates it here instead: \\smbserver.domain.net\web\smbserver.domain.net\web\ips4\html of course, this results in a multitude of issues, and ultimately an installation that is very difficult to use given the CSS and Javascript is not located where it is supposed to be. Clearly, IPS is creating the files and directories in the wrong location. And yes, permissions on the SMB share are not a problem. I have attempted numerous different ways to type it out, including forward-slashes, back-slashes, and every possible combination in between and have been attempting to diagnose this issue for nearly two days-- all to no avail. At my wits end, I decided to write a quick and small PHP script to test it out myself, just to see if it was some server configuration issue: <?php $testdir = '\\\\smbserver.domain.net\\web\\ips4\\html\\test\\dir1'; $testfile = 'file.txt'; mkdir( $testdir ); file_put_contents( $testdir . '\\' . $testfile, 'This is a test file.' ); echo "Done."; ?> The script worked flawlessly, and created the directory and file correctly, as such: \\smbserver.domain.net\web\ips4\html\test\dir1\file.txt Thus, here I am writing to see if anyone has any advice, or if this is some bug that has any plans to be fixed sometime soon. I've searched everywhere on the forums, and on Google, to no avail as well. The server is running the 64-bit version of PHP 7.0.21 on Windows 2016 Server Datacenter. I realize there has traditionally been limited support for Windows/IIS installations, but as a developer myself, and knowing how much of a widely-used software that IPS is and how popular Windows and Linux are, the OS shouldn't be such a glaring issue to the point where the software has no way of working properly, so I am hoping there is either some advice someone has, or if this can be noted as a bug and something that is looked at in hopes to be fixed by the release of 4.3.x. Thanks.
  8. It seems I missed a few things when I tested... sorry about that Here are bugs I think I found: When sticky header is enabled, the UserBar will go behind the Floating Navigation when scrolling Also when sticky header is enabled--- on mobile devices--- the navigation menu and search disappear when scrolling (but header still appears) Hope that helps
  9. Sadly, this does seem to be the case. That said, I must correct myself from my first post— I forgot that you mentioned the basket feature for Downloads and went on to talk about it missing from Commerce instead. As it turns out, Commerce does have shopping cart / basket support, but Downloads does not. Still a bummer nonetheless, especially if you have members that post paid files in the Downloads section since they don't have access to do the same in the Marketplace.
  10. I see your point with a CSS solution. Indeed, what I meant on the larger scale was something just like that-- something simple that would work globally in such a way. I'm no CSS expert so, was unsure that such a solution would be the only thing needed for a printer-friendly type output. So in that case... that is what I'd like to see in a future version of the software.
  11. I second this— I was surprised myself when I noticed (a while ago) that there did not seem to be a simple "Add to Cart" or "Add to Basket" function natively within the Commerce application. I think this should definitely be a feature incorporated into the Commerce application. Along with new appropriate settings, such as for coupon codes (that dictate whether they can be applied to individual products, a cart of multiple items, or both), and so on.
  12. I did notice the CSS that someone posted to hopefully accomplish something cleaner for a print-preview and I may very well consider using it. Nonetheless, a dedicated button to generate a stripped-down version of the content so that it is printer-friendly still has every reason to still be a feature. Being able to jerry-rig CSS to offer a feature in itself is an inconvenience to myself as a customer. IPS has time to add in seemingly-meaningless features such as a "days won" to the software, yet not a simple print preview? [A feature that was already in-place in previous versions of the software, nonetheless.] This seems to be one of those features that could have easily just been part of the software itself, far moreso than some "days won" feature that I'm certain a large majority of users don't care for. Case in point, if one were to open https://Typography.Guru site (one of your sites, according to your signature) in Firefox, and select the Print Preview option in the browser, one would find that nearly 12 pages would print with blank content. Clearly, the built-in print function in this case would still result in a sub-optimal result, wasting nearly 12 sheets of paper if it were printed. At the very least, a button to strip the CSS that would work globally regardless of theme, would easily rid of such issues. Sure, it is easy for an experienced user to find a way to prevent wasting of nearly 12 sheets of paper to print the homepage on your site, but every user will not always be experienced and might very-well be angered if they were to print a page on a site (such as yours), and end up with so much wasted paper.
  13. @liquidfractal Many thanks for the suggestion-- I'll definitely check that out! Good to know that it was a feature in the past of this software. As a developer myself (though primarily in C/C++), it is my belief, that I also practice myself, that future versions of a particular piece of software should [under most circumstances] improve functionality and add features where appropriate— rarely should a feature be completely removed. Removal or deprecation of a feature should, IMHO, only happen under extreme circumstances, such as if said feature poses a security risk or something. I definitely share your sentiment with the feature being removed though. Here's to hoping it returns to the software itself— or at the very least, is provided by means of a plugin!
  14. It appears this has not been addressed very frequently (though I did see the thread here: https://invisioncommunity.com/forums/topic/435309-printing-articles-blog-posts-etc/?tab=comments#comment-2674774),From printing reports, pages, articles, or even say printing threads/topics or messages for evidence to bring to court if the need arises, the existence of such a feature would be very handy for most communities, and imperative for others. In absence of such a feature, I have attempted to search for plugins/utilities that would offer similar functionality, to no avail. I think it would certainly be a great addition to the IPS Community Suite at its core, but if this is not something that the developers foresee considering anytime soon, I'd be more than happy to pay fair price for a plugin that did the job.
  15. Alright, great--- thanks again! I look forward to a future update that fixes it
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