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  1. @TheJackal84 have you found the issue with not being able to edit cost of files? It's been three weeks.
  2. Any update on why file point costs are not saving?
  3. Could you add a check for notifications to see if a file has been approved or not? My site approves files from some users we allow to upload files and it sends a fortification to our Discord server before we approve it. Also, could you make the notifications check to see if a file has been updated too? Right now it only posts if it's a new file.
  4. For some reason, I can’t set a point cost for my file upload anymore. I can’t set a price when uploading or set a price when editing the file. I can mass add points though but that’s it.
  5. I just need an option to set a default price on Downloads when somebody submits a new file. I wont be giving anyone beside the moderators the ability to change or set the price.
  6. Do you mind creating an FURL for the user settings page for the app?
  7. Hey I'm back trying to get an update if you plan on making default points for Downloads.
  8. Do you plan on putting default points on "Downloads"?
    This application is the first actively developed IPS/Discord connection here that WORKS. For that this gets 4 stars. The member sync works flawless as advertised, syncing names, roles, and bans (if you're not seeing immediate syncs, the sync function runs every 30 minutes to save server resources!). Very happy with this! However, the newest update (1.0.3) does not work as advertised. - The new topics webhook is not functioning correctly. It only posts a notification in the Discord when the webhook creator (i.e. the server owner) makes a new topic. It does not work for other users who posts topics. This is a big issue an needs to be resolved! Would like to see notifications for new posts as well, not just topics. I have heard that this is planned, eagerly awaiting this feature! Thank you!
  9. For CJ Duplicate Logger, would you consider incorporating the already built-into IPS device check on members? I have a lot of users who have been IP banned (thanks to this app) who are coming back with a different IP, but on the same device. IPS ALREADY logs if a device has been used by more than one member: It's cheap to get a new IP, but it's not cheap to get a new device. A device check would make this application utterly complete. Please consider. Thanks!
  10. @onlyME, Performing a search with single quotes in the query like "Don't" or "You're" return no results on the quick search. Works fine with normal IPS search so not an IPS issue. Using elasticsearch.
  11. When adding a product it says I do not have permissions
  12. May I get your email to move this to a private message please.
  13. IT seemed fine before, but when I installed your application it was giving error 500.
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