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  1. This is on the topic feed on the right side of your demo site (same place as I have it). With the default theme it doesn't break until 100000 posts, which is probably a lot rarer to reach 😄
  2. Hi Taman! Just a minor bug; when a topic gets more than 1000 replies, the topic title is no longer in line with the reply count: I just edited the html source on your demo site to show you 🙂
  3. When "Hide Footerlink" is selected the link is set to "visibility: hidden", which makes the whole footer off-center. Would it be possible to change this to "display:none" instead? Or is there any other way of fixing this?
  4. Users in new user groups can't see the slider, it's just an empty field there where you can see through to the background image. Is there anything I need to restart/reset/clear for the slider to work with new groups? I've checked all group permissions I can think of.
  5. Also, canceling a subscription paid with Paypal Billing does not seem to cancel the billing agreement. Meaning the payments will still be processed but the subscription will expire.
  6. @Matt I see this is fixed in 4.3.2, great! However when upgrading a subscription the redirect has a couple of typos: /index.php?app=nexus&module=subscriptons&controller=subscriptons So it's giving error code: 2S100/6 Upgrading also does not work unless "Any" payment method is checked. Selecting specific methods result in #4X196/3 We are unable to process your purchase. Please contact us for assistance. Lastly I would prefer another upgrade option where the full price is paid instead of a difference or no price.
  7. Is Paypal Billing agreements not available for Subscription Plans?
  8. Hi @Matt! A big issue now is that users signed up with Paypal and Stripe (and probably other methods) have different ways of canceling their subscription. Paypal users have to go to (by default) Store -> My Details -> Billing Agreements -> View Details -> Cancel While Stripe users go to Store -> Manage Purchases -> Manage -> Cancel Renewals This inconsistency is causing a lot of confusion when you have thousands of users. I know they are technically different, but for the users there should be a uniform way of managing this. Customizing the menus i
  9. "Upload a new version" is just that, an update to an existing theme
  10. That helped a bit! I now get the slider without the error and the articles are shown. However if I disable Slider 1, the whole slider disappears. Is this intentional? Edit: So I can enable Slider 1 and just remove all sliders from the slider sorting, and it works like I want. Is this a workaround or the way it is supposed to work?
  11. Yes, the version that was uploaded 17 hours ago. Here's the screenshot:
  12. Thanks for keeping the theme up to date! I have a problem with the Swiper Slider on 4.2.1 however. The theme is installed as a new fresh theme, and I have imported the Pages_Slider_Articles template, created a new block that uses template key Pages_Slider_Articles and selected the imported template under Content of the block. The preview looks fine. But when I enable Page Articles with Slider 1 active, I get an error 500 on the entire site. The system logs says: UnexpectedValueException: (0) #0 /var/www/html/forum/applications/cms/sources/Blocks/Block.php(270): IPS\cms\_Theme-&g
  13. Very much agree with this. The same goes for the requirement for name and address for Paypal Billing, it makes absolutely no sense for us selling a virtual service. Forcing users to register with a full name and address is a complete deal-breaker for a huge majority of the users, they won't bother to register with that requirement. Please make full name and address an option, not a requirement.
  14. Perfect theme for me, setting it up now! But my notification counter is floating too high for some reason, any idea?
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