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  1. @newbie LAC I have an issue where it won't save the data I enter. After I enter the data and click save it apparently saves (i.e. I get a spinning animation and no error), but when I go back into edit it all the fields are empty. Any idea?
  2. Re-downloading 4.5.3 did not solve the issue for me, but here's a workaround I used to get my community back online. Do at your own risk, I don't know if this has any consequences! Download 4.5.2 and copy the files to your community root as usual when manually upgrading. Go to your invision database and fint the table called "ipbupgrade_temp". Delete the content in the "upgrade_data" column. Go to /admin/upgrade (or your equivalent) and log in. It should say "nothing to upgrade" and make the community available again. Again be careful if you try this, don't do it if you're not comfortable with potential errors and maybe making the situation worse!
  3. I don't think you understand, this is my workaround to solve the issue. I just mentioned it as it probably is a necessity for a lot of people. When you have two different themes for light and dark you can add a different custom.css to each one of them: The reason you'd want to do this is because you have elements on your page that is custom made in Pages. Say you have a dark page that looks like this: Now without a custom CSS if you switch to Light it might look like this: But since you now run a light theme you also want your custom elements to be light and look something like this (some color differences here, it's just a mockup): So ideally there should be a way to load a custom CSS with the palette switch, else you can't have any custom elements on your page as they won't switch. As I said I've done a workaround to this, but it would be more streamlined if this was a part of the theme 🙂
  4. I need to load a different custom.css with light and dark to change a lot of elements from light to dark in a quite complex Pages frontpage. With the new switch (which is indeed a better solution than a theme) I can no longer load a different custom.css for light and dark directly. I've solved this by making a javascript that checks for $("#ta_colorizer").hasClass("taP_dark") and $("#ta_colorizer").hasClass("taP_light") and disables/enables a css link in the header based on this. This feels like a bit of hack though, any other way to load a different css based on the palette?
  5. @TAMAN Where's the light/dark switch when viewing on a mobile device?
  6. It worked to updated it through Marketplace after I upgraded to 4.5.1 (from 4.5.0), but it only updated one of themes as I had one for light and one for dark. And I can't see a way to update the other one since the Marketplace now says it's already updated. I guess it's better to use the new switch between dark and light though, but it's a bit weird we no longer have any manual control over this.
  7. How do I manually download the theme now? In ACP under Themes it says But in the marketplace it says So I'm not able to update it through ACP it seems.
  8. Hi @TAMAN! The slider on IPS 4.4.10 suddenly stopped working just right now, it just displays an oversized empty block that partially overlaps the site logo and the content. Theme version 2.2.4 The slider css https://unpkg.com/swiper@6.0.0/css/swiper.min.css seems to be dead. Any ideas?
  9. This is on the topic feed on the right side of your demo site (same place as I have it). With the default theme it doesn't break until 100000 posts, which is probably a lot rarer to reach 😄
  10. Hi Taman! Just a minor bug; when a topic gets more than 1000 replies, the topic title is no longer in line with the reply count: I just edited the html source on your demo site to show you 🙂
  11. When "Hide Footerlink" is selected the link is set to "visibility: hidden", which makes the whole footer off-center. Would it be possible to change this to "display:none" instead? Or is there any other way of fixing this?
  12. Users in new user groups can't see the slider, it's just an empty field there where you can see through to the background image. Is there anything I need to restart/reset/clear for the slider to work with new groups? I've checked all group permissions I can think of.
  13. Also, canceling a subscription paid with Paypal Billing does not seem to cancel the billing agreement. Meaning the payments will still be processed but the subscription will expire.
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