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  1. I just bought the app but I'm having trouble setting it up. I keep getting site is rate limited every time I try to configure. I wait the 8 minutes it wants me to, try again and it fails. Any advice?
  2. Just bought it but it doesn't work with my theme "Behemoth" theme. It works on the classic theme well but it's crashed my theme and I have to uninstall or my forum won't work properly.
  3. Perfect! This was my next suggestion, my users really wanted this. Thanks
  4. I think it would be cool if you could buy a reward to have a topic of your own pinned for a certain period of time (24hrs for example).
  5. Worked perfectly thanks!
  6. http://brendenplayz.com/forums/index.php?/video/
  7. Can I suggest an update that will help the text show better on darker themes, for example... the text is hard to read, is there any easy solution to this
  8. Very overwhelmed by the features but I really like the application. Probably unlikely to happen, but is there any way to request a download & install of a complete version of the application?
  9. The theme is called Dispersion and I currently use it on http://www.brendenplayz.com/forums
  10. love the app, but can you create a white background for user comments, otherwise I have ran into problems like this: I can't read the description of the videos, the same applies for the title of the video when viewing the video page.
  11. this app has crashed my forums twice now, i cant see to run it properly.
  12. Hi. When I installed this application and tried to click on it, it gave me a blank page. What are some steps to fix this issue? Thanks.
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