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  1. Yep. We updated on January 14th, from 1.2.4 to 2.0.2, if that matters.
  2. Oh, changing to grid view did the trick! 😆 Thank you very much!
  3. @TheJackal84 Could I request an older version of the app (before 2.0)? So that we could downgrade until you could take a look at our issue. Our users are starting to complain as it's put a halt to some of their activities.
  4. Yes, this happened after updating to the latest version, 2.0.2. (Sorry for the late response, I got buried in work.)
  5. Hello! When redeeming an item from the My Items page, the dialog box is empty. While medals can still be redeemed (but the item is only removed from My Items after we refresh the page), this is problematic for items that require us to input some info like Change Username, Sticky Notes, etc.
  6. Hello! It seems the plugin is interfering with Clubs. We have the plugin to hide the Quote button in one forum, however it also hides it in all our Clubs. We confirmed this by disabling the plugin and the Quote button reappears in clubs, but when enabled it's hidden.
  7. We have this bug too. We've set deposit fee to 5%, but it says 0%. The correct fee amount is deducted when we deposit points though.
  8. Hello! We've set a 10% deposit cost for all user groups. However, the deposit section in the Bank says "There is a 0% charge to deposit". Is there any way to edit this?
  9. Thank you! I've figured it out. We're using Medals as sort of adornments users can buy from the Member Shop app. Problem is, after redeeming the Medal, if a users decides they don't want it anymore, there's no way for them to completely remove it. I understand Moderators can remove Medals, but with 1000s of active users, adhering to everyone's request to delete Medals will get exhausting.
  10. I have an additional question, is it possible for a user to delete (not hide) one of their own medals?
  11. Hello! Thank you for this app! I have a question. Do you know if I could change the position of where the trophies and medals appear in a user's post bit? I'm using iAwards as well (for a different purpose), currently it appears below the trophies and medal and I want to switch their positions.
  12. Hi! Thank you for the fantastic app! I have a question. Is there a way to show users' points in their postbit? e.g above or below the reputation.
  13. Is there some way I could display the description in the profile tab?
  14. Hello! I'm trying to display the award description on users' profile and hover pane, instead of time awarded and reason. So I've changed the template like this: <!--<span class="ipsType_light ipsType_noBreak" style="cursor:default;" title="{datetime="$award->date" norelative="true"}">{lang="award_awarded"}{datetime="$award->date"}{{if settings.award_settings_show_giver}}, {lang="by"} {$giver->link()|raw}{{endif}}</span>--> <hr class="awardsHr"> {$award->desc|raw} <!--{{if $award->reason}} {$award->reason|raw} {{else}} <em>{lang="award_title_reason_awarded_no_reason"}</em> {{endif}}--> While the time awarded and reason is hidden, the description won't display. Is there something I'm doing wrong?
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