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  1. Hey guys, I am sure I not the first asking this question but is there a feature that members get opted in automaticly to the newsletter - with the option to deactivate it during the registration. Thanks for your help in forward. Oh found it - sorry. It's already activated by default. 🙂
  2. Hey guys, I have a question. I have a few posts in my download app which I now want to have exported as a topic in a new forum. I have already set everything but it seems already existing posts a download category will not be exported into a forum. Is that right or how to I make a recache ? Thanks for your help in forward. HP
  3. Hey guys, is there a way to feature downloads of a specific categorie in the " Download " app in a club ? Been trying for a while but did not find a solution. Any help would be welcome. 🙂 Thanks HP
  4. I also would apprechiate such feature - at least for expired invoices.
  5. I understand that - it's just since I have a lot of active members I get a big number of expired invoices of those members who don't continue there subscription.
  6. I was checking that - maybe I have overseen it. Can I edit that later ?
  7. I have like 6 pages of expired invoices and the number is raising every week.
  8. Hey guys, I am having a hard time deleting the many expired invoices which are created by my costumers to purchase a supcription. Is there any setting where I can set on " automatic removal of expired invoices " ? Thanks for your help in forward.
  9. Hey guys, I was able to start to work with the application. But somehow where do I set the price for a file which I want to offer for download ?
  10. Thanks guys, that already helped a lot 🙂
  11. Hey guys, I just installed the " Download " application. I just want to make the " Admin " able to upload and sell files. Been searching for a while now - any help where I can adjust those settings ? Thanks for your help in forward.
  12. I contacted the support of my webhost - it's only possible to run the cronjobs every 5 minutes. I will see if that will work.
  13. I tried to select all minutes - only 10 values are available
  14. looks ok at the moment 😄 thanks for your help 🙂
  15. ok - this is how it looks now and I changed the chmod for that file which was suggested in the Admin CP there.
  16. ok - thanks. I have set it now that that command can be run once a minute. And " outgoing mails " can be left empty ?
  17. This is the window which opens up when I want to add cron jobs. I have no clue what to do there. On my old server there was no such problem.
  18. I am getting recurring warning messages in my Admin CP that " Wartungsarbeiten " Maintenance Jobs can not be proceeded on my server and I need to setup the Cron Jobs on my server for that. What would be this ? I have no idea - any help ? Here the warning message in german :
  19. Hey Interferon, thanks for your information. That was really useful. In fact I was thinking about 10% but one person I asked said exactly what you said. And I agree if you put up a referral system somebody probably needs a bigger community themselfes since conversion rates are not really high in general.
  20. Hey guys, I am thinking about to activate the referral feature for my member to engage my members to get other people to join my community and make a subscription. Does anybody has experience on that how it works or is there any documention in detail how it works ? Thanks for your help in forward.
  21. Hey guys, is there any audio file player available for the Invision Power Board where you just put in the URL of a .mp3 or .wav file ? Thanks for your help in forward.
  22. Hey guys, how do I change the default language when I have uploaded an other language ? Or even better how do I switch of the language selection and that just the uploaded language works ? Thanks for your help HP
  23. Hey guys, I want to train myself to make my own DB backups and to be able to restore the DB of IPB myself. I am working with Iperius backup software. Does anybody have experience in that and has a few tips for me ? Thanks for your help in forward.
  24. yes it backups twice a day. But I would like to be able to make a backup myself. 🙂 it's approx. 60 MB now - i think it's SSH. I was able to make a backup with PhpMyAdmin and Imperius but the question is which settings have to be made that all is stored and how do I upload the backup to the database of a possible new host ? The upload with PhpMyAdmin does not work with this size as far as I know....
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