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  1. I have one community which I want to split into 3 websites (not different communities). Since each site is going to be a copy of the org site (without certain apps) I need to retain the existing members on all the sites. Example... 1. Forum Site 2. Blog Site 3. Pages Site Since there is existing content which members are attached too, I have to leave the members on each new site. I would rather have members use one account for all the sites. 1. If I switch over to the API and have Server / Client how will it work with the existing member data over the three sites? Will the user login to the site, it'll check the Server site, and then write over the existing member data which is already on the client site (from when the sites were split) or will it create a new profile for the user? 2. I assume I would have turn off all other login methods on the Clients? Even in my situation? 3. How does it work? Does the client check the server and then create a profile on the client? The instructions don't really explain what I'm looking to do. Thanks!
  2. Bluto


    If you're looking for adult content scraping, there is adult plugins in the marketplace by @opentype which maybe you could hire someone to create an app which auto imports. It's hard running a straight - people upload - video site when there are so many other options to upload video online. The storage requirements for running a video site becomes a problem. I've done video sites back before youtube. If you want to do a video site with scraping, check out php melody or mechbunny. They've been active for years. The script is nice.
  3. Bluto


    What would be the copyright issue? It's a video section and any copyright issue for any video web site would apply to videobox. Are you thinking like an adult tube site which scrapes content from other sites? Videobox isn't going to scrape content for you. Either you add the content or your users do. If your users add content which is illegal, yeah you might have a problem - it's illegal content added to your site. There is a youtube plugin to add youtube videos, but that's legal as long as you are approved by youtube - if they audit your site. With youtube you have a very limited amount of videos at first. You have to apply for an increase which will result in an API compliance check where you have to explain to youtube that you're not building an app, but just using a plugin someone else created. They want to know everything. It's a real pain. Yes, it works with the latest version.
  4. Bluto

    Password manager

    Honestly, I just purchased this app to do a reset a while back and during the process of getting ready to upgrade to 4.5 I noticed the app wasn't updated. Upgrading it is totally up to you. If the feature is in IPS and your plugin doesn't do anything beyond that, then retire the app. If you can make money with a feature beyond what IPS provides, then sweet go for it. Bottom line I just needed something to force a password change. Since you have the app already done, add a few features and make some easy money. Maybe add a frequency. Meaning I can automatically require Newbies to reset every month and Senior members to reset every year? What would be neat: 1. I initiate that X group needs to reset their password. 2. They need to reset the password in X months, year, or set amount of time. 3. If they don't reset their password, then they are marked as a dead account and moved to a special group. 4. If they haven't changed password in number 3 above and have ZERO content = delete member. Just an idea. Nothing that I can't live without if you just want to retire the app.
  5. It's a shame about Spanner, this was a great integration and it was free. What a nice guy to do all that work to help people.
  6. Bluto

    Password manager

    What there going to be a 4.5 version released?
  7. Bluto


    Seems like most of the examples online require Ffmpeg. Thanks!
  8. Bluto


    @onlyME if I upload my own videos, does videobox have the ability to show a thumbnail preview on mouse rollover? If not, could the ability be added in the future? A lot of modern sites have a hover preview over thumbnails, similar to youtube.
  9. Would it be possible in a future release to have a WYSIWYG text area above the choices? Some people signing up might be confused about the group choices. Having an area which I could put HTML, text, etc there would be helpful in making sure people selected the correct group. Another idea, something that might be really interesting - separate redirects depending on which group was chosen. If the person signing up chose the "blogger" group, I could enter the blog address and that's where they would land after signup. Using this with pages, I could have the an actress group go to a pages page with description of what to do next after signing up... just an idea.
  10. How are things coming with 4.5?
  11. No, it's been awhile. Someone is going to tell you to upgrade, I don't want to be that person.
  12. Are you still running 3.4.9?
  13. That's a good thread. I figured I was going to have to do it on the server level. I'm moving to another server so I'll deal with this then. @Aiwa had some great insight.
  14. Sure. The one below is 208 errors. I have others that go into the thousands. Having 1 IP throwing so many errors, maybe it could be banned for admin review? Let the admin set the amount of errors. Today I turned off the Post Before Registering. Maybe nothing can be done since the search engine bots would also be banned, I assume. But at least I could check those IPs out and flag them as valid. Maybe a ban list with the DNS info so I can tell if it's a Google Bot? Have one check box to remove (x)and one check box to put on a "do not ban" list (green check)? Just a thought.
  15. If the Error Log has 5000+ errors from the same IP address, that address probably should automatically be banned in the software. What do you think? The software does see that the errors are happening from the same IP. I'm reading the log. It would be great if there was a feature which flagged or banned IPs which are throwing THOUSANDS of errors. Thanks!
  16. No need to get stressed, it'll all work out in the end.
  17. Best method... wait until the devs release updates for 4.5. Everyone is different. Every developer is different. Some devs will wait until 4.5 is released, some are working on that now. It all depends. Research each one of the plugins and look at the dev support threads and see what's up. That's what I do. Also, I'm sure there will be some stuff that will work just fine.
  18. I'd have to check that out. You are a lot more knowledgeable about IPS stuff than me. I never even heard of it. Thanks!
  19. Honestly, I think @Kevin Carwile is an excellent programmer and could make this project over the top, but if he's not doing it I'd love to see @Makoto How much to make this an open source project @Kevin Carwile ? How about releasing it under a os license which heavily favors you? Own the repo but allow others to merge changes building more rep up on github, which I'm probably sure you already have I'm assuming. In charge of popular project is always looks good. I'm sure there would be a lot more people interested in using it. People will help each other out on github. Just an idea, because right now I'm afraid to do anything more with it because I'm not sure what is going to happen long term. Just doing updates = it's dead to me. Just sayin.
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