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  1. "Most administrators ..." You may be correct. And most certainly, 'users' would like on-line and most likely not in any way, want to 'print' a "How To". But again; there is no "User Manuel" for the user with-out revealing how the innards are configured or can work. And I would still venture to say that SysOp's & Mod's would appreciate a printed version. Here is an idea: How bout we set-up a poll here in our forums and find out if A) a printed manual would be desired, and B) if there should be a separate Manager/ Moderator/ Owner Manual and a separate "User Manual??
  2. OK, the thought of a 'lite read' for a 'How Do I ...' and/or other queries could be enough. Perhaps then a link to a more 'detailed' explanation or example(s) or even one of Matt's videos could be posted with the simple, easy to follow documentation. BUT: I still say, perhaps we don't need 'the VCR manual' ( how many bink'n clocks do you remember seeing? ), but some kind of printed document for reference. Especially if it is in a 3-ring binder, again, as an example, since any updated pages could then be printed and simply inserted to re-place the out-date one. Running a board, as an Administrator or a Moderator, can be a donning task with a very heavy responsibility. One simple mistake when one did not completely understand it's usage, could literally destroy not only the functionality of the software, or the security, but most importantly, the trust of your users who don't want to hear about how someone accidentally 'clicked on the wrong ...' For a bunch of guys & gals that are really, really good at authoring software, the simple online documentation provided leaves a whole lot to be desired & should have a 'print version' available (imo).
  3. I think that AndyF has touched upon a few somethings that is extremely important whether you are the sysadmin or a member / user. There used to be printed documentation (both User and Manager) for the board software and certainly as an Admin or Moderator one must be completely familiar with how to manage certain aspects of the board. And if your board attracts new users who are unfamiliar with how to operate or manage this new fantastic software, there is absolutely no help for that newbie. That said, finding answers 'on-line' seams simple enough: If you are on-line all day and can multitask with multiple windows or apps on whatever device you are using. However: Some of us suck up this management how-to's while doing other multitasking's when not connected to devices. Studying a "User Manual" on an airplane while jam'n to some tunes in your headphones as example, or chill'n on some other 'not connected' event or activity allows for the complete concentration of the material one is reading. It also allows for making notes in the sidebars and even the 'folding over' of a corner of a page for quick re-reference. While I realize keeping software management / usage documentation and/or end-user documentation up to date can be a humongous task, there is software available to manage such a project. Obviously ours is managed by software: I just don't understand why it's just not available to sys admins / moderators in a 'print' version. And; a User Manual that might help that unfamiliar user set up his notifications and account data,, and/or manage their own data and/or notifications from the board, would most defiantly be of value.
  4. With all this “look what’s coming in 4.3”, and now a 16th Birthday and all who been with you ‘from the beginning’ and those who are looking at being able to celebrate future birthdays; How about this: A Birthday Present to every user with a 50% off the purchase / renewal of Commerce with all its new features, as part of the celebration? We can all celebrate together!
  5. Years ago, (& a version or two ago), Documentation manuals where available. Not only could they be downloaded, but could be printed for library use and reference. It also would explain not only what the fields (as an example) of the member profile where, but would explain what they were, how to modify them and most importantly, what was required & what the requirements meant when implementing a change into the board. Although there is a live search, I cannot find definitions of fields or variables that would allow me to make changes, & more importantly, what the requirements are and what those requirements mean with regard to the board. I realize that power users are experts at everything IPB; but not all of us have been 'playing' with the board everyday of their lives as these changes & implementations have been made over time. Bring back good, printable, heavy documentation with explanations & implementations.
  6. Just bought CCS 1.0

  7. I have received several requests from members who would like to be able to "brand" their posts in part by setting a user specific default font, font size, and color in the control panel. I have to admit, it's struck me as a great idea, as I try to remember to differentiate my own posts by setting the font to this look every time.
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