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Video Encode Format(s)


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I have GALLERY purchased, so I wish to (validly) up load videos to post.

And, I wish to also post videos in a forum message as well ( which seems to accept a different encoding format! )


I have tried various file formats outside of our software to see which format will play the best on both hand-held & desktop.  That experiment yielded mp4.

These other encoded videos did not play or otherwise failed: mpg & wmv.

Using Adobe Premier,  I used encoding variables set for HD cable / television broadcasting.

However: That does not achieve the results I am looking for or simply fails!


Would you know the working or ‘best’ output encoding settings in Adobe Premier to produce the best possible video replay on our software platform?


Appreciate any guidance and help!

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Thank you Marc!

In gallery, when i wish to upload a video file, mp4 is not listed as a valid file format and yes, it is set to 'all file types'


Allowed File Types

gif, jpeg, jpe, jpg, png, webp
You may upload a maximum of 490 files
And, I am unable to locate the examples as i must have deleted them since the did not play out.
I simply would like to be able to present the video in the high definition and stereo format that most where recorded and presented on [cable] television.
Using Adobe Premier, I can render the output in a multitude of various settings.
If you can provide the best possible settings for full functionality on our platform, that would be most help full !
 I have complete control over a multiple of variables.
To help [ perhaps ] in explaining the kind of details I am seeking, here is a correspondence from long time ago when preparing the encoding output for Vimeo.
In the photo, in the gold square, it shows the Summary  "Output". 
These are the variable settings I am seeking.
gif, jpeg, jpe, jpg, png, webp
You may upload a maximum of 490 files
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If you are not seeing video formats available to upload that means that your member group does not have permission to upload video formats. To provide this permission, you will want to go to ACP -> Members -> Groups -> edit group -> Gallery tab -> Can upload movies?

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