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  1. File Name: (DDK33) Board Index Face - IP.Content block File Submitter: Ibragim Pupkevich File Submitted: 11 Jul 2012 File Category: Content Management This XML will simply add IP.Content block for (DDK33) Board Index Face hook into your IP.Content blocks library. After this block will be added you can put following replacement into your IP.Content pages and templates easily: {parse block="ddk33_bif"} NOTE: Before adding this block you should have (DDK33) Board Index Face hook installed! You can disable (DDK33) Board Index Face hook to not show that on board index, but anyway - this should take place in your IPB. UPDATE: Unfortunatelly, you can not disable (DDK33) Board Index Face hook at all, in that case IP.Content block will not work as well. But if you want to show the hook on IP.Content pages only you can do the following steps: [*]Follow to [ AdminCP -> System tab -> Hooks -> Edit "(DDK33) Board Index Face" hook -> Files tab ] [*]Change the following item to "Select a Hook ID" (equals to "none"): [url= here to download this file
  2. Hi there! New version v2.0.2 released. What's New in Version 2.0.2 fixed: IE8 issue is finally fixed (unclosed span-tag found) fixed: face photos are not linking to member profile while user is logged off added: now it can show relative date of last post (like "3 minutes ago") added: now you can switch whether topic links should go to the last post or to the first UNread post added: stats message can be changed from setting now as well as other messages ("We are X people and blah blah blah...) + custom CSS field for that msg
  3. Finally! I've found this damned unclosed <span> tag which caused IE8 layout crash! :D Will release updated version soon + scope of new features.
  4. Try to change hook template file attachment settings like this way (see attached screenshot).
  5. Check your global date settings first, cuz by default it's set to sinple "Today, Yesterday":
  6. Damn it... IE8 issue is still taking place in v2.x :( Damn this stupid browser.
  7. IE8 issue has been fixed in v2.0.0. As for my demo sites - they sstill use old version (I'm soo lazy, I know.. :tongue: ). Check this forum eg. Ok, I will add permission checking in next version. Thanks!
  8. {parse date="$r['last_post']" format="SHORT"}
  9. Hi TalkChelsea, Nice forum! You may add [{parse date="$r['last_post']" format="DATE"}] by before {$r['last_poster_name']} in template (you will meet this twice). Or if you want your own data format (php date() manual mode), you may also use the following variant of date parsing expression: {parse expression="date('H:i', $r['last_post'])"}
  10. Because the list of topics you have participated in eats some space when you are logged in. However, you can increase topics q-ty in each block now in settings.
  11. Some comment should follow here from me IMHO regarding getting hook free so early and questions like "I've purchased it few mins ago, so wtf, will you keep it updated etc. etc.?!":
  12. Easiest way is to add custom CSS file into template: [*]Set any CSS name like "ddk33_bif_custom". [*]Put following code into and save that: [*]Go to AdminCP -> Look & Feel -> Your Skin -> Edit templates -> CSS tab -> Add CSS File. .hook-bif-wrapper .desc.lighter { color: white; font-weight: bold; } [*]That's it.
  13. Michael R, I love your forum! So many Santa's!! :lol: Are you too?
  14. Hi! It's actually done to keep faces box always in same width. But you can change it. [*]Find code: [*]Go to AdminCP - Look & Feel - Your Skin - Edit templates - Board Index group - hookDDK33BoardIndexFace template - edit. <div style="width:120%;"> [*]Replace this code with following: <div style="width:100%;"> That's it!
  15. Correct string will be: color: #FFF; font-size: 18px; font-weight: bold; You forgot color: :)
  16. From your forum code I see, that you haven't devined color CSS property in hook setting, only font-size and font-weight: <h3 class="bif-header1" style="font-size: 18px; font-weight: bold; "> Can you share CSS string you set for titles in hook settings?
  17. Want to show this hook on Portal 1.x (by Mike John) index page instead of forums index? First of all - make sure, that your hook version is v2.0.1 or newer. If you want to show hook on Portal 1.x (by Michael) page, go to [AdminCP -> System tab -> Applications & Modules -> Hooks], press "Edit hook" button, then go to Hook files tab and make changes according to the screenshot below:
  18. Hook major update released: v2.0.0! Lots of new features! Look at updated screenshots. What's New in Version 2.0.0 lots of new settings added, now you can configure everything like listed below added: custom CSS for titles (you can change color, font size etc.) added: dark/light theme switcher added: custom logo insertion setting added: topics q-ty is now adjustable added: faces rows w-ty is now adjustable fixed: IE8 layout issue fixed: images paths
  19. Sorry, what do you mean exactly? I haven't understood yet. Lets address this question to IPS support or Marketplace moderating team (eg. Michael) :) I can't handle this.
  20. Good news, IE8 issue solved by redesigned template. Also, most of your wishes implemented, so I gues v2.0.0 will be released today night.
  21. Spend the whole day on this... still haven't found root cause. But IE9 doesn't have such behaviour, so the only thing I will implement within next update is warning message like "You are running old IE version, please upgrade your IE to 9.x or newer".
  22. Anyway - tried to work it out with Gravatars and remotely stored photos in v1.0.3. Hope this will work to you, Barlee and other.
  23. As for Gravatars - I could fix that, but in that case hook will loose 3.2.x compatibility... because IPS has changed DB structure and avatar/photo policy in 3.3. As you may notice - there is single image using as photo and avatar in 3.3 unlike in 3.2.
  24. Oh, come on, guys... next version I will put such stuff for you :smile:
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