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  1. Hi Adriano... it seems you forgot to update templates in 1.2.0. Many language bits and settings are mistyped in templates.
  2. Sorry, that was my template issue not related to ProMenu.
  3. Does it work well with IE 11 now? I just get old version now and the problem is that in IE 11 whole menu line is just inactive (not possible to click).
  4. Hi buddy, Thanks for great app first of all, well done! If you are looking for new ideas for possible next update: please kindly add following controls to image upload form (before upload): Checkbox "Add watermark - yes/no" to allow member skip watermarking Selector, which will define in which corner watermark image/text will be added Thanks!
  5. Thanks, works fine now with Portal! BTW: Why do you set your hook "disabled" by default in hook settings? I guess it may confuse some customers :)
  6. Hi Alex, I just found that your hook doesn't work with Portal (by Michael) recent topics feed: Any idea how to apply hook to Portal post content output as well? Just give me and idea and I can try to fix it myself. Thanks!
  7. Hi buddy (app author), Great idea of having such app in terms of user engagement. But I would suggest to add one simple stuff - board index sidebar hook, which will output most recent activity (content) from team rooms. Otherwise this app will stay apart of forum and nobody except of team members will visit teams directory. We should engage unattanded users to visit team pages. Hope you would consider to add board index hook. Please keep me notified if done, I will implement Teams app. Thx.
  8. Hi buddy, Thanks a lot for the great app first of all. I have customized your hook a little bit and now it's going to list my subforums on board index as icons: If you are interested to add this functionality to your app, I can share all required pieces of code to ease your job. I assume most of your customer will enjoy this add-on as it can really bring brandnew experience to IPB board index and make it more attractive Just PM to me if interested. Thx.
  9. Well tried your hook in action. Exactly what I've been looking for all this time! Thanks!
  10. Hi buddy. Now we are experiencing following trouble: on permissions level Guests are not allowed to download attahments. But having this permission switched off Guests can't see attached pictures, which are placed into the post inline with text. The idea is to keep Guests disallowed to download attachments, but meanwhile to let them see attached pictures, which are pasted into the post body with [ attachment ...] tag. So, if you could modify your hook to allow Guests to see attached pictures inserted inline with post text, I would love it so much... Thx!
  11. Hi there. I just downloaded latest version. Works fine with external links, but doesn't parse internal links at all, dunno why :sad:
  12. Thanks, I found. What is so called "ProMore"? Haven't found any description of this feature...
  13. Hmm... strange... it seems I'm missing this settings group (pls. check attached file).
  14. Thanks, Robert. I will try to toggle this option. BTW: where I could adjust delay before drop-down menu appears? I guess you could add this feature to the settings within next release, should be quite demanded option for customer.
  15. Hi Adriano! The logic of forums selection where users will can report posts as TROLL/SPAM should be "Exclude forums where...", not "Select forums where...". If I'm going to add 5-6 new forums monthly, my head will get spinned right round after updating all the hooks settings like this where I have to select target forums. Thx.
  16. Hi man! Great app, thanks! But how to manage proper hover behaviour on touch devices? In fact there is no hover event on touch devices.
  17. Sorry... I found, that my license has just expired :smile: ha-ha
  18. Is it okay that I have no packages to select when choosing "General support" in ticket submit form? O_o I think that's actually concerning my question on license expiration... strange.
  19. Just pruned error logs few minutes ago and you may see how frequently new errors occur :sad: Ok, sorry, I will submit as a ticket.
  20. And one more question: in client area - where I can check expiration date of my license? So far I only found Purchased: 21 Apr 2012. But for sure I did renewal few times already... and the point is that I don't remember when I have renewed last time and for which period. So, how I should know expiration date?
  21. Dears, I really see too many "INVALID_KEY" entries in spam service error log. Generally it works well, but as this error occurs too often, daily I get few normal users f***d off unfairly and it brings daily workload as they all write emails to admin mailbox like "why I'm inactive?", which I don't want to get, friendly speaking :smile: How to debug this "INVALID_KEY" error?
  22. Hi IPS team. We all have to agree that a new age has already come. Age of social networks. Forums are pretty similar to social networks, but the key difference is how posts are going to appear on page. Twitter, Facebook, whatever... all post are going to be shown from newest to oldest and new posts appear on top of news feed. People get used to this due to very fast growth of social network popularity and this is actually a serious challenge for classic forum engine. You may not believe in my words, but I really get requests from users to switch topics into "from newest to oldest" view mode. And here I'm going to think about the subject - which audience I lose in fact? My forums are pretty popular, but meanwhile I realize the fact that almost 80% of audience is coming from search engines. And they leave soon after they find content they are looking for. But it's really hard to encourage at least some of them stay on my forum, to post at least some message etc. Meanwhile I see how easy public social network pages/groups encourage their visitors to get started. 5 years ago there was 20% of people who was addicted to use forums and the rest 80% of people had just no idea how to read forums. Now is 2013, during past 5 years I guess all of these 80% moved more and more faraway from forums by addicting to read news feeds in their social networks. Actually it means that forums run the risk of losing even that 20% of potential audience they could had before. What is your opinion on this, dear IPS? Very interesting to hear exhaustive statement of your teams point of view. Briefly speaking: what's your plan to stay inline with the wind of changes (trends)? Thanks.
  23. Man, great! But it seems you didn't get one of the things I tried to explain :smile: I tried to eplain the situation when I enable your app on existing forum with more than 500+ topics, which have been already posted long time ago to this forum. The point is that all these topics will miss preview. And we just need some batch tool, which will help admin to generate previews for all these topics automatically based on existing content (taking first image found in post body eg.). At the moment we can only go through each topic one-by-one in ACP and we have to select preview for each topic manually. For 500+ topics it will take few days, not less... Thx.
  24. Hi Mike! Would be great to have a chance of setting different PayPal consignor (paypal account which should collect donations) for each donation goal. Sometimes it's not suitable at all to collect donations received for different donation goals to the same paypal account :smile: And for sure the next significant level up for your great app could be adding such great feature like letting all members add their own "donate" button into their profiles easily (with their own paypal account details, for sure). Thx.
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