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    App works great. A fun way to show that your site has some activity.
    Awesome plugin. Love it!!!
  1. Hello I purchased this application from the flash modding website and now I cant get the new update. Can anyone help me with this?
  2. Hello I am not sure if Im missing something with the gallery. I have it setup that when a member uploads an image that a moderator will have to approve. But not where does it alert you when someone uploads. Is this a bug or am I missing something. Thank you for the help
  3. I am using the Grid: Display forums as cards in a grid in my forums. Now on the boards If I dont want to use a picture it shows a Black square. Is there anyway to get rid of that black square?
  4. @Morrigan ahhh lol nevermind then, I actually thought is was something that was done before. I will have to find a different way around it Thanks
  5. I am actually looking to see if I can remove it. So no cover photo shows for the whole site @CoffeeCake
  6. Hello Is there anyway to turn off the profile cover photo. I see where you can stop members from uploading a photo but what do I do if I dont want the cover photo to be used sitewide Thank you for any help
    I absolutely love this application.
    Very good plugin, does exactly what it says Developer very active and responded very fast and updated problem
  7. Will the webfonts plugin be updated to 4.5?

  8. Hello @Michael.J I was wondering if there is an option for multiple welcome messages from different groups. So lets say I want to have the initial welcome message for registering to the site but when they are added to a new group I need a way to have an automatice welcome message to that group
    Great Plugin Is there anyway to add multiple welcome message. Say I have the initial welcome message but I need to option to send welcome message from a different user group. Can I do something like that
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