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  1. What a lousy idea of giving your traffic to Facebook for free! Are you crazy?
  2. Please post a screenshot showing exactly where this will be shown. Or, if possible, a live implementation. Thanks.
  3. BUG when adding a new block with PHP/MySQL running in strict mode: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: Wed, 29 Jan 2014 19:14:14 +0000 Error: 1364 - Field 'block_position' doesn't have a default value IP Address: **** - /admin/index.php?adsess=f045cc41325d27b150935dcc9cac9668&app=team&module=team&section=team&do=doAddModeratorBlock ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- mySQL query error: INSERT INTO moderating_team_blocks (`block_group_id`,`block_check_secondary_groups`) VALUES(0,0) Fixed running: ALTER TABLE moderating_team_blocks MODIFY block_position int(11) NOT NULL DEFAULT 1;
  4. It didn't work out for me. Probably generating a conflict with another hook. I don't have the time to debug this at the moment, sorry.
  5. I liked it, but I'd like it better if you added a configuration for us to select which user groups will see the sidebar. Why? Because I'd like this sidebar to be shown only to admins, so they can track which moderators are underperforming.
  6. Not working for me. I install the hook and the new options that should be displaying simply don't show up. See attached screenshot.
  7. I see you use Mandrill... Our server was rejecting Mandrill-sent emails due to the high volume of spam coming from Mandrill... Removed... Thanks!
  8. I don't know if I am posting this in the right place. I have notifications set to send me an email. However, I am no longer receiving emails from this support forums. I don't know if the problems is at my end or at your end. I've already whitelisted @invisionpower.com at our anti-spam software, at no avail.
  9. Hi, IPB comes with support for Windows Live login. However, IPB doesn't display a button for the user to login with Windows Live (see screenshot) nor it has a "Windows Live" option on the user control panel (Facebook and Twitter have). I hope you guys fix this on IPB 4.0.
  10. Some food for thought: How come the >Sign in through Steam is able to put everything on the same line? PS: For me it doesn't matter anymore, as since I enabled Facebook, Twitter, Windows Live, and Steam, there is no space for the Google button there. Thanks for the attention and keep up with the good work!
  11. This hook would be great if it was shown inside each forum, and not globally at the top of the forums as a tab. We have a huge forums with thousands of answered topics... And with several forums...
  12. I have anothe suggestion for you. Please correct me if I am wrong. After we mark a user as "outdated," the system keeps sending him notification emails. I think this product should automatically disable email notifications to users who we mark as "outdated." Both ways: when we individually mark the user and also when we use the import function (I process hundreds of emails per batch, so this function is very useful). This way, the number of emails in our bounce mailbox would drop, and also this would reduce the amount of bandwidth our email server uses. We'd love to pay for this hack or make a donation, since it was so useful for us. Please consider what I say above.
  13. Any way to move the button location to the correct place? See attached screenshot.
  14. Worked like a charm. However, the process of setting up an application on Google is not so easy, and a tutorial on that would be nice.
  15. The interface on Google website has changed and the documentation should come with an updated step by step guide on how to create the required Google application.
  16. That is one idea. I was talking more about the tab below, see screenshots.
  17. The "import emails" with a text area to enter emails to mark as invalid would be enough. Maybe other users of this hook would need more options, though.
  18. Ah, I see... If you edit the application properties, you can configure a tab to show up next to "Forums", "Members", etc. at the top of the forums, which is called "Outdate Emails". I assumed incorrectly that if I enabled this option, one could access the system from outside the ACP. No problem. I leave you a suggestion (already mentioned above by someone else) to allow the system to be acessible (maybe through this tab?) by a user that we can specificy manually. You see, here on my forums I have someone just to take care of boucing emails (he accesses our bouce email inbox), but I had to upgrade him to Admin so he can have access, even though he is not a "real" admin. Gabriel.
  19. Like this very much, this was exactly what we were looking for. Configured the public tab, but I am getting a page not found error.
  20. Thanks, for some reason, I overlooked this option!
  21. BTW. I think this application should have an option to exempt certain usergroups from the tool. More specificatlly, I as admin sometimes need to simulate the creation of a new user from scratch to see if everything is fine with the user registration process and/or to debug something, and I am flagged by the tool and unable to do that. A workaround is to disable the tool while I am doing that, but then I will be running my forum unprotected during this period.
  22. Awesome to know. I am +1 here for this feature. My goal with enabling this is to orce users to upload files to our servers. Frequently they use image-hosting websites and after a while the images get broken.
  23. (1) Because that would hurt the value of our website. A website that has a forum with 500K users is more valuable than a website with 10K users. If they are regular users or not it is not important. (2) From our experience (we have our forum running since 2002), some people come after years and then complain if we delete their account. (3) What is important for the hook and for the forum index in particular is not the number of registered users, but the number of warnings present and the size of the posts table, respectively. The number of users only give the developer an overall idea of the size of our database.
  24. We run a large forum with 420,000 users. The hook itself doesn't cause any lags to regular users. However, as I mentioned on my post above, if you run a busy forum you will need to disable two hooks otherwise the forum will lag for admins and mods due to the alert system used. This doesn't change the functionality of the hook.
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