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  1. It's great to have the ability to start a topic about a particular book but there are times when it would be great to be able to reference a particular book in a forum conversation. For example if a forum poster wrote the following sentence below and embedded a book title "Battle of Hastings". Forum poster clicks on the "new" book icon in the toolbar as shown above. A book choosing dialog box appears. After appropriate book is chosen the dialog box disappears and the book title with underlying link gets added where the cursor lies and the forum poster continues writing. In Battle of Hastings, the author states on page 22, "This battle is the most defining event in English History". Anyone reading the forum posting later hovers their mouse pointer over the book title and a popup dialog box appears with more information about the book. When done reviewing the book they exit the dialog box and return back to the forum posting. The reader can better determine how reliable the quoted text is based on reader reviews on Amazon. It also can expose the membership to additional books on a particular subject matter being discussed without having to create an entirely new ThreadStarter: Books created topic. Doing so may end up fragmenting the conversation and the topic ends up dying prematurely. This idea is inspired by Wikimedia. The more book links to Amazon the more chances a member will buy a book or other merchandise which will earn the website additional affiliate commisions.
  2. Just wanted to express my gratitude for creating this app based on my suggestion and in such a timely fashion.
  3. @Adriano Faria was working on a job portal at one point in time. Not sure about the status of the project.
  4. For book reviews I would suggest checking out an marketplace app called ThreadStarter: Books by @batarjal This developer is super responsive to new ideas (in fact he created this app based on my suggestion).
  5. Although there might not be a lot of "big" improvements in this release there are a fair amount of little tweaks and additions that will have to be tested. This particular release will likely require many marketplace apps and themes to be updated and the developers may discover a bug or two that should be fixed prior to a 4.4 release. So far none of the customers have been given access to download a beta so it is anyone's guess how long the beta testing process will take or if it will require 4.4.1, or more dot builds to reach stability. Sometime this Spring would be a good guess
  6. Just about every club owner out there could readily think up a slew of great Page ideas to benefit their club members but only a handful of them will have the technical know how to implement them. Actual adoption of more than one or two clubs with Pages will require a handful of knowledgeable people to create and support them. Only the best ideas will actually end up being implemented into a Page as a consequence which isn't a bad thing. In order for anyone outside of the administrators group to setup and administer Pages, an admin has to add them which most sites will shy away from doing. Providing an admin the ability to grant access to only the Pages portion of the ACP to a select group of people would allow for more people to use the product. With the inclusion of Pages within clubs and the ACP change highlighted above there will likely be more people using the product. As a consequence, more and more collective know-how will become available to tap into making it easier and easier for someone new to the program to begin to master it's use. As people begin to see all the great ways Pages get implemented throughout the IPS community and mastering its use isn't as daunting as it seems at first glance you will likely see increased sales of Pages and the suite it runs on top of. The inclusion of a couple of more tutorials would go a long way towards helping people get past some of the initial pain points of mastering the basics. Sometimes it takes a couple of examples of how to utilize a certain piece of functionality before getting that "ah ha" moment where it finally clicks in your mind.
  7. The author mentioned above hasn't logged into this site yet this year so I would definitely steer clear buying the app that would provide this functionality. So I really wish that IPS would provide the functionality themselves.
  8. Just curious IPS and marketplace programmers, what are the technical difficulties of implementing this functionality from a programming point of view? Can these difficulties be programatically overcome? If it is a problem with scaling can we at least have the functionality on a couple of clubs at least?
  9. One of the challenges to bringing more than one IPS powered website together is the lack of easy discoverability. A small percentage of members here provide a link to their websites or provide any idea what their website specializes in. How would you or I know if masterkya or kmk or Joel R operate websites we would personally be interested in joining or if any of their content would be of interest to our members or a collective group? There is value to your hypothetical question but there are a lot of barriers to overcome for even a handful of websites to band together. How would you bring together 10 websites to create your "community" as a starting point for this conversation? How would your idea work at that level? What would it take to exponentially scale your idea so that people use your new "community" instead of Reddit?
  10. The "Magic Eight Ball" says: "Release date hazy, try asking again later."
  11. All I hope for is that IPS engages their customers (not me as I am way too wordy) in a conversation around testing.
  12. The point I've tried to make in this thread is that you have finally earned a certain level of trust from your customers with the current release. I like new features and improvements to existing ones "if" they can be rolled out in a fashion that retains our trust in your product.
  13. If there is anyone that has successfully gotten Social Logins to work please let me know what steps you took to get it to work for you. Thanks...
  14. I posted my comment above after reading the following blog post: DanielF commented: More information will be posted in a separate topic with the 4.4 changes for 3rd party developers 🙂 IPS has dramatically improved upon posting more informative Release Notes for builds but they still leave stuff out which makes testing a "very" hit or miss proposition for any customer willing to beta test. No such document has been posted for the alpha build so yes folks could test but what exactly are they testing for and what is the best methods for doing it? So far IPS hasn't provided any structure around this current beta testing cycle or what steps they took to test their code themselves. Is everything mentioned in the various blog posts included in this Alpha? Alphas and Betas are great if there is structure built around it and the developer is very forthcoming with details.
  15. After several years of development it appears the 4.3.6 code base has achieved a level of stability that I'm sure your customers appreciate greatly. After looking through your blog postings and customer comments it appears that your upcoming release will include a "LOT" of changes and/or additions to your code. It would be nice if you could do a more phased rollout of new code to be tested by the community a little at a time. The beta testing phase might take a little longer but it should alleviate the amount of dot releases you will have to release afterwards which is troublesome for your company, customers and developers. Beta testers typically test areas they are comfortable with or on areas with functionality they will want to use leaving some of the code base only tested by IPS developers. Based on the amount of "fixed" issues you have documented in your Release Notes your product development and testing methodology could be improved upon.
  16. https://www.theaudiodb.com site is populated with content entered by volunteers. Some content is very accurate and complete and some is missing entirely. If all the users add new content or update existing records on a continuous basis the repository will become more robust over time. If a record does exist there may not be enough of the required data present to work with this app. You will have to wait for someone else to jump in and continue to populate the record or take on the task for yourself. The more popular the artist, album, or song the better the chance it will have been added to the site.
  17. @InvisionHQ Its been over 6 months now since this app was transferred into your care. It would be nice to hear from you about your plans for the product's future.
  18. @Adriano Faria Could you please pencil in some time to address these issues. Thanks...
  19. It is pretty easy to figure out how to add a new artist as shown below: It isn't very apparent how to be able to choose their albums or singles if present. Having to type a space and a dash (as shown below) probably won't be intuitive to some people. Having some kind of visual cue could prove useful to folks.
  20. Another thing I'm wondering is if you could figure out how to eliminate the suggested videos screen that appears at the end of each embedded video. "If" there are to be any suggestions shown it should be for the next "random" video or the next track. If a user clicks on one of the YouTube suggestions it will take them directly to YouTube. We want to do everything in our power to keep our members "glued" to our sites. Anytime a user gets redirected to some other site there is a big chance they won't return.
  21. Including "Tracks" is a nice addition to the app, unfortunately the space allotted to the YouTube player is too small. As you can see below, the right side of the window isn't wide enough to see the "X" to disable the ad or to maximize the viewer to fill the entire screen. It would be nice if the first track was chosen by default upon viewing page. Then if you added two new buttons "Random" and "Next" the user could choose between viewing videos in random order or watching them in sequential order or advancing to a particular track. You could follow through with the same idea on the Artist Page by including a "Next" button. This would negate a user from having to refresh their browser to get the page to reload with a new random video.
  22. When you click on the Homepage link the browser shows "File not found (404 error) The underlying link is incorrectly formatted: https://www.forum-address.com/www.maroon5.com
  23. What exactly gets cached, where does the data get stored?
  24. I really like a feature you included in your ThreadStarter: Movies app. In that app you listed all of the movies that an actor starred in. It would be nice if you listed all of the albums a recording artist has released as well. One thing I was surprised to see missing in the About section for albums is the track listing.
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