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  1. This happened to our staff team too after they purchased something as a customer on the same account. We advised them to use a separate account for purchasing items as customers.
  2. Would really appreciate some help here. IPS doesn't currently support WeChat pay, so I am trying to update the files to support it. The only files that I have found that have to do with Stripe are: /applications/nexus/sources/Gateway/Stripe/Stripe.php /applications/nexus/data/lang.xml I am not sure what the best way to find the rest of the files I need to modify is. I thought it was just Stripe.php but it seems that is not the case.
  3. Bump..... please? If anyone wants to work on a plugin, I'll pay $50 for it.
  4. Great suggestion. We had actually already done that. Unfortunately, like @realspezz said, some people are still missing the option to switch currencies, so we made it a hyperlink with the images of the payment methods supported by each currency like below. Clunky, but a good temporary solution.
  5. Stripe has added support for WeChat pay, which is increasingly popular in China and Japan. Can we please add it to the supported methods under stripe? Thanks!
  6. Wow, thank you very much for responding. Apologies if my comment sounded aggressive, it was more meant toward the code than the team. I've been a customer for over 7 years and the team has been exceptionally kind and helpful. The problem is that it is confusing and unintuitive. Our customers may see the option to switch currencies, but they either do not feel the need to or do not know that by switching currencies they will see additional payment options. By the time they are at the checkout page with the payment options its too late for them to switch currencies or be aware that by doing so they will have more options. That is the biggest problem for us. If you would like any more information or have any more questions please feel free to ask, I will bookmark this thread and keep a better eye on it.
  7. Very unfortunate. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.
  8. Commerce is great. Thank you for integrating Stripe and all of the methods that Stripe supports. Our default currency is USD. The problem is that during checkout, any payment methods that doesn''t support USD will not be shown. So our users don't know that Sofort or iDEAL are accepted because they don't show and only know that they can use those methods if they switch the currency to EUR. I would recommend making it so that all payment methods display and the currency is automatically switched in the case that the payment method selected necessitates it. If anyone wants to code this as a plugin, I'll gladly pay for it. We're losing customers because they don't know that by switching the currency they would see additional methods.
  9. Also having this issue. Seems like something wrong with IPS.
  10. Hi, We are hiring someone to help optimize our site. This includes doing several suggestions on Google PageSpeed insights. We are paying for the time spent. Please PM me. Thanks.
    Absolutely amazing theme with outstanding support. Author even helped us customize it and was quick to respond to our questions and customization requests. Highly recommend for quality and for support. Thank you for improving optimization, please continue doing that.
  11. Is 4.4 released tor still in beta?
  12. The responsiveness is amazing and very well developed. I've tried in on several devices. But please add a way to differentiate a mobile theme vs. a full theme. The theme we bought is great on Desktop but really poorly optimized for Mobile.
  13. It would be great to be able to select one theme to work for mobile devices and one theme to work for desktop.
  14. Is there a release estimate? I thought it was coming by the end of the year. Really need those performance improvements..
    Works as advertised, though I think it should be priced maybe $5. Could you please add a transparency option?
  15. It's 2018 and IPS stillI has an issue with double-posting? C'mon guys. Double posting is when a user posts a topic and clicks submit more than once and it posts the topic multiple times. Thanks
  16. Check to see if the database engine is using too much power. Try switching to MariaDB instead of MySQL.
    Really amazing widget! Thank you very much. Is there a way to can add an option: "Auto Open for 1 second" -- automatically opens for one second visitors see it, then it automatically closes (to bring attention to the widget). Thanks!
  17. Does the photo view count on a gallery image count (in red box below) only how many times users have visited that particular image in the gallery on the website, or does it also count when the image shows up in something like a Google search? Thank you :).
  18. David Schwimmer for me, apparently, according to my best friend.
  19. Updated through admin CP. Took around 15 minutes and worked flawlessly, no issues :). Everything seems MUCH faster.
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