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  1. Maybe add alink / button on page with window.print() ?
  2. The result is viewable when you press CTRL+P... In print preview you should be able to see a "clean" output.... If not , use F12 developer browser tools to find out what you need to adjust in custom css.
  3. Hi All! During all these years of me using IPB , search functionality seemed always a little off. Its no good having the best content in the world if you can access it fast and reliable. The case is that i want my users to be able to search in the database of articles to find what they need. We are very strict in using the correct tags and naming the topics accordingly. What i simply wanted to do is to be able to search for ALL the tags i put and also with the search term if i include it. So you need to clarify in the search screen: If you need both tags and term functionality If you need AND or OR in the tags If you need AND or OR in the terms And also you can define the default behavior in ACP based on databases/forums) e.t.c Right now the advanced search has only 2 options: Which are a little misleading. The current logic is: Match term OR tags leads to : term OR (tag1 OR tag2 OR tag3 ...) Match term AND tags leads to: term AND (tag1 OR tag2 OR tag3) So it kind of negates the use of multiple tags in our database. ' The answer to my support ticket is that this is not currently supported. So what i ask is how you guys deal with it and if there are ideas on what to do to make search better (seriously search needs attention). Thanks.
  4. Thank Thanks!!!! In my case , everything id nicely printed to PDF by using the following: @media print { .ipsBreadcrumb.ipsBreadcrumb_top, .ipsBox_alt.ipsPhotoPanel, html[dir="ltr"] .ipsFollow, .ipsList_inline, .ipsList_reset, .ipsBreadcrumb.ipsBreadcrumb_bottom, .ipsGrid.ipsGrid_collapsePhone.ipsPager.ipsClearfix.ipsSpacer_top, .ipsItemControls, .ipsType_reset.ipsType_medium.ipsType_light, hr.ipsHr, .ipsTabs_panels.ipsTabs_contained, .ipsTabs, #ipsLayout_footer, #elCopyright, header { display:none;} .ipsBox { border: none; } .ipsLayout_container { padding : 0; } }
  5. So this rules will aplly when i use ctrl+P ,correct?
  6. Even so, what you be an "organized" manner of doing it in IPB? A custom plugin? A template edit?
  7. I am surprised that is not apparent. Probably we did not explain it well. For forum topics maybe your solution would be sufficient if you had an option to print multiple page topics in one go. But In my case i am using extensively the Pages subsystem to organize our hundreds of support articles for our users. What i need is an option somehow to be able to print our articles BUT ONLY THE ARTICLE BODY, not the rest of the webpage. I think that this is a must in the articles section (Pages) at least.
  8. ...and 2020. I have build nice Knowledge bases and help support for our users in Pages, but now i need to hav ePDF versions of it or Microsoft Word and i realized i cant 🙂 I believe this is a core request for Pages at least.
  9. After all this time , is there any progress to that respect? I am keeping a knowledge base in Pages and i want to be able to make a PDF out of it nicely formatted.
  10. Or i could do it the other way around..I mean to create a public group which will have considerably less forums available, but i would stil need htem to be accessbile from specific IPs. Nice idea though.
  11. I have a mostly private community hosted in public web, however i would like to give my intranet users the ability to read content without logging in. But i dont want a random internet user to see it. Can i restrict specific forums or pages section to specific IPs? I dont want to restrict the whole site to IPs only specific forums or pages. Is that even possible?
  12. EarthDog

    New: Clubs

    For Files ok....Regarding this automatic encrypt /decrypt based on a personal key would be the requirement for me... And you are right..I have tried and created proof of concept solutions in other platforms (custom Laravel, Wordpress Plugin). The WP works fine ..but i like the idea to work for this with IP...
  13. EarthDog

    New: Clubs

    My point is that you need a completely private area even from site admins/moderators. In THAT case encryption of content & files would helpl. Of course the club moderator would have the encryption decryption key... But i dont know how many would want such a thing . I do for sure but ia m just one
  14. EarthDog

    New: Clubs

    Nice feature... I wonder if we could enhance the "private" clubs by adding functionality such as: Encryption of topic content. Encryption of stored files. In my opinion this could give users / admins much more functionality on the clubs...
  15. Hi All! Is there a way to print in a lite format a post or an article? I have many articles that i would like to print to PDF in a nice format to share with people that do not have access to my community. Any ideas?
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