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Mixed HTTPS/HTTP all of a sudden

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Community seems to be working just fine.

Some days ago i noticed that some actions did not work.


  • Changing page in search results.
  • Hide simple notifications.
  • Cannot login to admin area.

I found out that the reason was mixed content.

Trying to hide the notification produces the following in the console:

Could contain: File, Webpage, Text

Could contain: Text

I also cannot login to the Administration area:

After inputting the password:

Could contain: Text


And console:

Could contain: Computer Hardware, Electronics, Hardware, Text, File, City

Server seems healthy, did malware check and everything, nothing showed up.


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16 minutes ago, Stuart Silvester said:

Check your conf_global.php file, the `base_url` should contain https:// if it is http:// update it and then clear the caches via the AdminCP > Support page.

Indeed that was the issue. Stupid enough not to be check it at first, but i did not change it and i am sure it was https. How that could have changed?

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