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  1. Pete This has been very useful. Thank you. Resolved. Appears it may have been a cacheing problem somewhere. Sorry I disturbed you. Cheers Jim I am on 4.4.6. This morning I selected Members for a message, but it appears the whole world can see it: http://jimjimjimjim.com I will turn off the message in about 4 hours. Thanks, Jim
    Worked properly, immediately, as described. But I wished to have an extra feature. Adriano had it added in no time! Brilliant helpful service!
  2. Perhaps I'm just slow. Where are the instructions for obtaining my personal mapquest api key? TIA Could the MapQuest be in an easier place to find - perhaps in: About This File on the Marketplace and/or the Instructions PDF that comes with a download. Jim
  3. All working, including the notification of members following the target forum. Many thanks for your timely help. Cheers, Jim
  4. Adriano That did it. Copy is now on the moderation menu. It does copy. I chose to notify, asking in the title for a response. I'll have to wait a few hours until people start waking up to see if it worked. Many thanks, Jim
  5. Adriano Cleared the cache (using support). No change. Jim
  6. Adriano Have I done something wrong with Copy Topic? TIA, Jim
  7. That would suit me. It may not suit others, so perhaps a switch: Notify all members following the new forum? Yes/No Many thanks Jim
  8. Adriano Haven't bought this yet. Have a question first: When the topic is copied to the new forum with today's date, are all members following the new forum automatically emailled? TIA Jim
  9. Sometime in the distant past I used Forms for guests, and I had this at the top. Now I want to make other uses, and it comes up on all new forms. I can't find where I entered this.
  10. Hi Sorry if I'm slow, but I can't see how to integrate with the registration form. Now I do see. Sorry. Jim
  11. Faqole Thanks for that. Can I suggest multiple instances as a Feature suggestion? PS. Took me a long time to get it configured. It wasn't until I found "The application page will be linked to the Navigation Bar through the Menu Manager." on the product page that I got it. I had looked up and down the thumbnails for what I was missing. Can I suggest you include adding an Application to the Menu page in the thumbnails for slower folk like myself? Cheers Jim
  12. Faqole I have this working, thanks. Is it possible to have more than one type of staff vacancy open at the same time? eg. Moderator, Contact team leader TIA Jim
    I run a support site. This lets me see who has an interest in particular topics and helps provide that support. Great!
    Just sits there doing its work. Great!
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