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  1. I've installed wordpress on my site (not with Wordpress.com but the version you can install on your own site). I quickly noticed that there was a notification that I should upgrade my PHP to version 7.4. Someone told me to be careful about upgrading PHP because it could interfere with other installed software. I have an Invision forum installed at my site too, so my question is: Can I safely ask my hosting company to upgrade my PHP to 7.4 without affecting Invision Board? Thanks in advance for any help, KL
  2. Hi, all. I'm trying to set up a Gift Card in Commerce. I save it, but it's not showing anywhere as a product. What am I doing wrong. I followed the instructions. KL
  3. Hi, all. I sell products on my board. The new 'product page enhancement' plugin I installed yesterday is showing '0 reviews' next to the price. The old page didn't show that with the 'Customers can submit reviews?' option turned off in the Store permissions. It looks bad with '0 reviews'. So, since I can't turn it off, I'll ask my customers to write reviews. Where do I send them to do that?
  4. I'm on 4.4.10 Where do I get 4.5?
  5. I just purchased the page enhancement for the Commerce section of my software. After buying it, I clicked 'Install' and the pop up window told me I need version 4.5. My version is 4.4.10. How do I upgrade to 4.5? KL
  6. I just bought the enhancement for the commerce product page. The instructions for installing tell me to go to the 'Marketplace' tab in my admin. I don't see any such thing. Where is it? KL
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