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  1. Possible change from vB4.2 to IPB

    The transfer isn't hard at all. It does it by itself as well. You just tell it what you want to transfer, and it does it. 1. Fairly easy, yes. There's members like me and others who are able to help as well. 2. Yes, this is actually the logical and smart way to do it. Make a test directory, transfer it, and test before you make it public. 3. I sort of explained above. 4. Yes. Forums, users, and groups will be migrated. 5. If this is part of vBulletin, it might migrate. I'm not sure about this one. 6. Probably not. IPB and vBulletin are different in many ways. Plug-ins have to be custom coded. 7. Permissions should also migrate. Don't apologize for asking questions! It's a good thing to ask questions and learn! PM me if you need any further help and I'll do my best!
  2. IPB Questions

    Well, I used to do some skinning and developing for IPB back in the day, and decided I'd come back. Wanted to make sure none of my questions changed: 1. If I buy the $175 package for just the forum, it says I have to renew every 6 months (it's been this way), and I don't use the software for a year, do I pay $25, or $175 again? 2. Am I able to still use 3.x? There's a lot of add-ons and skins that I found in the marketplace for 3.x, and aren't compatible with 4.x
  3. Since when am I a mod here?...LOL

    NVM, I have it too...
  4. Since when am I a mod here?...LOL

    It's only access for the test forum.
  5. IP.Nexus Question

    You can edit the design, and layout by using the template and css files for nexus.
  6. Sharing a content via PM

    Do you mean some type of mass mail through PM for people who have bought an app or something?
  7. Development License Key

    Ya, but basically you can have 2 sites with one license key. One for your beta testing (Not available to public) - And then the other which would be for the public.
  8. question

    There should be instructions on where to put it. However, I think its in your board directory. E.G url.com/forum/ You would put it in the forum folder.
  9. Getting a theme

    You can either use the marketplace here, or get a custom one done. http://bbresource.com - You can request a custom skin here.
  10. Ya, you will need to pay for the license. You can order the lowest package which is about $5 a month and still works for developers ect, and then after that you can skin. And for the marketplace, you can view how many purchases, or downloads a file has.
  11. Can't download from IPS Marketplace

    Log-out Of the Forums and back in. After that, try it. If Not you might need some type of bigger package or something. It doesnt look like your account is set to active customers yet so once you log out it should change.
  12. A question or two

    Well, if you were to use the same license on two boards, one can be a real board but the other has to be a dev board. Or a board that the public does not have access to. So if your wanting to use two websites that are going to be used by the public you would have to have two license's.
  13. how can i activate my account

    If you purchase any type of package or license it will be with the IPS Homepage. http://invisionpower.com You will then need to come to the forums. Make sure its the same email... Log-out and then Log-in. This should fix your account forum side.
  14. What do users think of IPS hosting

    There really aren't that many downtimes, if there is, it usually lasts maybe 2-3 minutes.
  15. What do users think of IPS hosting

    Well, its pretty good. We have the +40 Package, and we don't have much traffic because it is a project in development. You can see it here: http://bbresource.com