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  1. Is there any way we can tell how many times an article has been viewed, or any code that can be updated /added to the template to show how many times an article has been viewed?

    In the same way members can view how many times their topic has been viewed in the forums?

    Don't worry found it thanks


  2. On 8/22/2019 at 3:25 AM, asigno said:

    I set a cookie to certain user groups, Ezoic then don't display ads to those browsers with cookies.

    I use GTM to set the cookie on login.

    1. I have a custom JS variable, which returns the member group:

    function() {
     return window.groupId 

    2. I have a lookup table which then changes the output as it's just the DB number of the group and I'd like it readable

    3. Then I have a custom HTML tag to create a cookie with noAdverts = true

        var memberType = {{Lookup table - Group ID}};
        if (memberType === 'Admin' || memberType === 'Moderator' || memberType === 'YOC Member' || memberType === 'Supporter' || memberType === 'Corporate') {
      var expirationTime = 7776000; // THREE month in seconds
            expirationTime = expirationTime * 1000; // Converts expirationtime to milliseconds
            var date = new Date();
            var dateTimeNow = date.getTime();
            date.setTime(dateTimeNow + expirationTime); // Sets expiration time (Time now + one month)
            var expirationTime = date.toUTCString(); // Converts milliseconds to UTC time string
            document.cookie = "noAdverts = true; expires=" + expirationTime + "; path=/; domain=." + location.hostname.replace(/^www\./i, ""); // Sets cookie for all subdomains

    4. Ezoic's tech team make a change their end to only allow ads to be served to non cookied browsers


    It's not perfect, as I didn't bother to set a script to remove the cookie on logout. But I also didn't want those users to see ads if they did log out, so set a 3 month expiry.

    It's possible for anyone to manually create the same cookie value and they wouldn't see ads, but I think it's very unlikely for someone to do this.

    @asigno -  Is this something you can offer to other members for payment?

    If so, how much?

    Many thanks,

  3. On 8/2/2019 at 2:39 PM, Andy Millne said:

    It looks like the task ran twice. If you check the competition history database table you will have duplicate entries and the duplicates can be removed.

    I have no idea to how to do this as we are not that technical - Is this something you could check?

    Your cms access is still live

  4. Re: It is finally compatible with the Member Location plugin. In the list of profile fields, you'll see an entry for this plugin on top of the list.

    • You may have to press the link in the "Import members" setting to restart the sync process after changing the 


    Can I double check exactly where I have to go to do this please?


  5. If it would be great if we could rename the title of the widget from the default Photo Competition to custom names to make it easier for visitors to know which photos in that widget are in which competition

    Or is there already a way to do this?


  6. 10 hours ago, asigno said:

    Hi @Unlucky I'm not having any issues, I'm using the "Trust IP addresses provided by proxies?" and have Ezoic deployed through Cloudflare.

    If you use the XFF header it needs to be on every page of the site so you'll need to add it to the head of a template file which is used across all pages.


    So putting it in the head section of the  global template file would be ok?

    Also we use cloudflare to. Is there anything that needs to be configured in cloudflare to make the Trust IP addresses provided by proxies?"  work?


  7. @asigno

    Are you having any problems with member IP addresses?

    We are getting the Ezoic servers IP's instead of the member IPs registered in the CMS

    We have logged a call about this with invision but the only support we have is a suggestion to switch on the setting -Trust IP addresses provided by proxies?

    This has made no difference unfortunately and invision say any more support is outside the scope of their support.

    I just wondered if any Ezoic users have found a solution?

    Ezoic have offered the following support to help but we have no idea which file we would need to add this code in.

    By implementing the XFF header, Ezoic will send the IP address of the original web visitor through to your server in the X-Forwarded-For header.

    How to Add the XFF?

    • In PHP it is available in: $_SERVER['HTTP_X_FORWARDED_FOR']
    • You need to put the code above in a file that all of your pages access (e.g. header.php, init.php or config.php)
    • You should see $_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR'], which you can replace with$_SERVER['HTTP_X_FORWARDED_FOR']


    • In .NET it's available in:  HttpContext.Current.Request.Headers["X-Forwarded-For"]


    Thanks in advance if anyone can offer any help or suggestion




  8. Hi Andy,

    We have just started to use this again.

    I just visited the site as a new user, asked a question and went through the process of signing up which all went through fine.

    However the question is not showing up in the forum and the new user account I asked it via has nothing listed in their profile activity list once logged in and checking

    Can you remind me what I else I need to enable for this to work in the forum section.

    I have selected 1 forum in the list for the questions to appear.

    It works fine if a registered members uses the plugin with the question appearing.

    I have tried it both with [System] Post Before Registering enabled and disabled.

    I have the plugin above the photos on the homepage here if you want to test:


    Many thanks

  9. On 6/15/2019 at 2:11 PM, TAMAN said:

    Sorry, no idea what you want to change  

    Sorry running behind, I will do a screenshot

    Also is there a way to have a different logo for the mobile version?

    I really want to achieve a large logo for desktop and have a minimal one for mobile devices

    Thanks again

  10. Has anyone had success getting the latest version to work using the following code. We are still getting errors

    RewriteRule ^potm/([0-9]+)-([a-z]+)/?$ /competition/entry/$1-$2/ [R=301,NC,L]
    RewriteRule ^potm/(.*)$ /competition/$1 [R=301,NC,L]
  11. Is there a way to restrict Category view:

    If we decide to purchase this we will only want members to be able to download 1 gallery at a time in order to keep them as an upgraded member for a longer period.

    If that is possible let us know

    Many thanks

  12. 2 minutes ago, Andy Millne said:

    What would you use to do this out of interest? 

    We use https://dlvrit.com/

    Puts everything on auto pilot and drives an insane amount of traffic back to our community from twitter and facebook groups / pages but you can also auto post to linkedln, google business, pinterest, tumblr, slack and instagram


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