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  1. On 8/30/2021 at 11:46 PM, Michael.J said:

    Noted, will be fixed next update.

    Hi, we are thinking of buying this - when will the guest access to the app be fixed?


  2. Can you recommend the best size to make images so they fill the space in the various sections?


    Also is it possible to have an option to select our main site menu to appear at the top like the rest of the website instead of your custom one?

  3. I think this is a dead app - it never worked properly for us from day one and the support was terrible we ditched it within a couple of weeks.

    Invision should really pull the app from the marketplace within a timeframe of no support.

  4. Hi, Every time we go to update this plugin (Content limits for editor ) when a new version becomes available it says on our marketplace page in the acp that the plugin is upto date.

    We have now uninstalled the plugin to start again from scratch, but even now the plugin is uninstalled, it still says - This resource is already installed and up to date

    I contacted IPS support as we thought this was a marketplace issue but they have replied...


    You need to contact the author of that plugin for assistance with this. We would not be able to assist with 3rd party items

  5. On 4/27/2021 at 8:41 AM, Michael.J said:

    How does 2 lines work? And is it just not truncating or doing more then 1 line?

    It's not working no matter how many lines are selected.

  6. Hi,

    This feature is not working: Truncate news entries that appear on front page?

    I am trying to set this to truncate to 1 line and it does not work

  7. Hi,

    Just renewed licence and looking to see where to change this. If you can help that would be great

    The text color appears to default to black and with our colors we really need it to be white

  8. Hi,

    Glad to see the new update is out.

    Is there a way we can order the tabbed content.

    It seems to put them in alphabetically and there is no way to re-order them?

    If there is how can we do it, and if not could this be added to a future release?

    Many thanks

  9. 5 minutes ago, ReyDev said:


    I have uploaded a new update and it is pending approval.

    This issue is only in Page app and works in other parts.


    Yes it was pages I am trying to add it to.

    How long will it for the new version to go live?

    Or is there a patch you can add in the meatime?


  10. On 12/31/2020 at 5:50 PM, Midnight Modding said:

    Maybe I should just get it ready with the features it already had, to get it working with 4.5 sooner, then, since you don't need the upcoming features anyway. I already put most of the code in, so I will just have to comment some out and then the changes for 4.5 should be very minor in this app, so I will try to get it ready and approved very soon, (I am not sure how quickly IPS has been able to approve them lately, so I can't say for sure the date it will be on here, but it won't take many days from now for me to get it ready, at least. I mostly just took 2020 off after sporting events kept being postponed. lol).

    Yes interested in buying when 4.5 version is live

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