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  1. I'm using Swap Slider in Invision 4.5.4 After 4.5.x series, I can not Edit a Slider, on Admin area.. I getting the error below: Note: My user has All Admin Privileges
  2. Any updates on this Theme, for Invision 4.4.7 ? I'm getting this Screen error... Autor [[Template core/front/global/userLink is throwing an error. This theme may be out of date. Run the support tool in the AdminCP to restore the default theme.]]
  3. Never mind... Sorry for false alarm... probably was a Cache issue in my Website... PopUp is working correctly now...
  4. After update to 3.0.1 version, My PopUp is not working anymore... 😞 I use a page filter like: "https://www.projetoacbr.com.br/forum/" In order to display the PopUp only on main forum page... Note: the popup was working correctly on previous version...
  5. I'm getting the error below, in 4.4.1, Admin -> Mail Bouncer ->Statistics
  6. @Gabriel Torres, It's working correctly to us... as you can see on the URL https://www.projetoacbr.com.br/forum/topic/37604-compatibilidade-sat-epson-a10/ Check if you have V14 version... And also check in Members -> Profile -> Profile Settings, if "Minimal" is selected
  7. OK.. Thanks for your fast response... Please let me know, If I can help you somehow...
  8. @All Astronauts, thanks for your plugin.. I find it very useful in my community After an upgrade to 4.4.0, looks like the Plug In is not working anymore,,,
  9. I have a large community, using Invision ans SparkPost (aprox. 75k users) https://www.projetoacbr.com.br/forum/ Currently I'm using Callum MacGregor plugin... I'm very interested on these feature of your appication: "Integrate Bulk Mail with SparkPost campaigns" Can you please provide more information about this ? Is it possible to measure a campaign statistics, in SparkPost, using these feature ? My community takes approximately 2 hour to send 55k e-mails... Your application goes to Background Tasks, when running ? I also use Mail Bouncer application: https://invisioncommunity.com/clients/purchases/64928-mail-bouncer/ Is your application compatible with it ?
    We are a very large community, with more than 73.000 users. Our record for online users is 2.300 users - https://www.projetoacbr.com.br/forum/ This theme has brought us to a completely new experience of use The fixed menu on Top, is very useful. I always noticed my users never find the Menu entrances, and getting lost to find some resource in the community... These Theme solves this problem in a very elegant way The colors for Light pallet are perfect to us (similar as the Brazilian Flag colors) The Swiper Slider an News Ticker are awesome, very useful. Perfect to sell advertises.. Thanks @TAMAN, for your Great Work
    Simple and Functional... Is good to have SparPost API integration working again
  10. And how is your community? number of posts, users and size of the database?
  11. Hi, Does anyone know if an Amazon instance m4.large.elasticsearch is enough? Or we can go with lower specs? m4.large.elasticsearch vCPU: 2 Memory: 8 GB
  12. I have read about the implementation of ElasticSearch and I have some doubts. Among other things, I saw that it is difficult to stipulate the ideal configuration, it is necessary to get some data from it in order to be able to configure it correctly. But before doing anything I hava some questions... We have 133k active users per month in the forum, our database does not have 2GB at the moment .. When is it worth using it? Should I hire a new hosting service for it or can I use the same server with more memory? Follow our current configuration vCPUs: 4 Memory: 8 GB
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