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  1. 5 hours ago, newbie LAC said:


    It would be fantastic if you could. We could use these stats to run incentive based rewards based on user activity.

    It's perfect that users will be able to see current month stats and past history

    We will buy this now :smile:

  2. Just now, newbie LAC said:

    You can select List from Type setting

    Magic - thank you

    with them now scrolling using the list option - the scrolling does not effect impression count does it?

  3. My colleague has just noticed one of our databases is not displaying correctly,

    Neither show the map but everything else seems fine with our league one here:


    But the tournament one is not showing the star ratings and for some reason instead of showing the user reviews it is showing text links to the the user reviews instead.


    We have just been through comparing both and cannot see anything that looks different so could really do with your advice and input as to what we need to do please.

  4. We have given up trying to get one database with multiple categories working, started from scratch and have multiple databases now to achieve our goal which is a bit more messy but at least it is now functioning as we need.

    We are trying to add a map to the entries but for some reason we are only getting the address showing as text - although we have it set to show map in the field settings.

    What is the correct template key to add to the Display options tab so the map shows instead of the text? As we believe this could be the issue


    3 minutes ago, opentype said:

    Yes, you can use categories.

    Great news.

    Would it then please be possible for you to login to our acp and do whatever configuration needs to be done to get this working?

    When trying to add a review, there is no option to pick what you are trying to review in the add user review form.

    I can pm access so you can review both front and backend

    If you can login to our site you will totally understand what we are attempting to try and explain and probably fix in seconds.

    Thanks in advance.




  6. OK totally confused even more now sorry.

    Earlier you said we could use categories in reply to our question.

    we asked the following question:

    4 hours ago, Unlucky said:

    Or can we create categories in the main review items database so we only have 1 database for those, and then separate user review databases for each one. Or do we need to pair them all separately?


    You replied with the following answer:

    3 hours ago, opentype said:

    Sure, you can use categories. You can use anything that Pages can do. That’s the beauty of building this on top of Pages. 😉


    So we have gone ahead and configured it exactly as per in the question following your reply where you answered: sure, you can use categories...

    This is what we need your help with completing in order for it to work correctly.

    At the moment this is not working and we need your help please to fix.


  7. I think I see what I need to do

    OK so I point both user review databases to the main review database

    But what do I need to do to make sure the correct user review is linked to the correct category?

    Or is there no configuration needed?


  8. I just need to know the following config:

    I currently have User Reviews For Walking Football Leagues  with a database relationship pointing to the main database reviews

    How do I change it so it points to a category instead, within that database so we can cross link to a category instead?

    We can then replicate this within the other review databases and point each one  to the relevant category within the main reviews database.

    Or it configured differently and if so what do I need to do?


  9. Brilliant - thank you for all of your help.

    I think I am on my last question.

    We are going to do the one items database and use categories

    So we have our main item reviews section now here:


    We are going to start with 2 user reviews databases

    1 for leagues: https://www.walkingfootball.com/usereviewsforwalkingfootballleagues/walking-football-league-review/

    1 for tournaments: https://www.walkingfootball.com/user-reviews-forwalking-footballl-tournament-reviews/

    Could you please tell what and where I have to add /edit in order for these two databases to point to their relevant category in the main items review database?


  10. 6 minutes ago, opentype said:

    You can turn off the black background if you want in the field settings.

    Can you confirm which field I need to edit this setting please - I tried the description field but that does not remove it


    Also if I use categories and a separate user review database for each category

    I need to make each custom template unique in each user review database every time? for example - for each overall 5 star rating for each category?

    IE - SuperReviewRating_quality_leagues




  11. Finally getting our heads around this - we think

    We have a database for leagues now:


    The user reviews are in the separate database which does not look right as in the listing it is showing the name for the crosslink field and the header image.


    Do we have to send members to that separate user review database page to add the review?

    Cannot we add an option to them to add a review directly from the review section itself somehow?


    Once we crack that the next question would be do we need to have a separate review items database for each one such as leagues, tournaments, clubs

    Or can we create categories in the main review items database so we only have 1 database for those, and then separate user review databases for each one. Or do we need to pair them all separately?

    Thanks again


  12. This is where I am getting confused.

    I don't have anything in the default list so I click Create new and get whole lot of options I need to fill out and am not sure what I need to select for field settings and the other settings option. Do I leave them all at default?

    Plus I cannot see an option named crosslink records checkbox anywhere on the settings page or in the dropdown field for types. There is a checkbox and checkbox set, but nothing called crosslink records checkbox


  13. Ok thanks

    I am setting up mode three.

    I a database for product called - Review Items

    I have a database for user reviews called - Review Users

    I can't see anywhere in the Review users database to complete this part:

    Add a database relationship field to your Pages database holding the reviews. As target
    select the database holding the items being reviewed. Activate the Cross link records checkbox.
    On the Display Options tab, write a custom template key that starts with
    “SuperReviewLink_”, e.g. “SuperReviewLink_restaurant”.


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