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  1. OK, makes sense. But how du I import all those members who said yes to bulk e-mail earlier into my mailchimp list (Or rather, I know how to import, but how do i get the info from IPB?) And, if I import my users to the mailchimp list, will they be syncronised with my users in IPB?
  2. Just bought this All my users recieved bulk mail via the built-in IPB feature, how do i subscribe these to the mailchimp list without having to send a confirmation e-mail again? Of course i do respect opt-outs, but its around half my users who already said yes to e-mails and don't want to start a new list all over. regards claus
  3. Reinstalled, working now. Sorry for the post, should have tried before posting :-)
  4. Had this working earlier, after i updated IPB and skin, i can't get it to show on my page. In ACP everything works and shows up as expected in 'test countdowns' Any hints on where i should be looking for errors in my setup?
  5. is it possible to display banners in more than 2 ads (first and second) ? i have the hook, but would like to display the ads in like post 4,9,14,19,24......
  6. Sounds great, thanks Back home in an hour og so, Will try to reach you :-)
  7. Not sure, but i Think you are right....
  8. Correct :-) Had another guy build me 2 new skins based on the old (functional) one this time...
  9. Tried that, - disabled all Promenu hooks, and reenabled.... - recached still the same :-( ??
  10. I have been using promenu for some time now, and i am completely satisfied with the product - thumbs up !! Now i have had 2 new custom skins made (updates of the previous), and promenu does not appear on these new skins. Actually, it doesnt appear on the IPB default skin either. What do I have to do to activate promenu on my other skins? www.vildmedgolf.dk the default skin is the old one the new one is named 'standard', and Theres a new one named 'Bred' (Wide) as well regards, claus
  11. Prisen er nu reduceret fra $25 til $20, og den årlige fornyelsespris er bortfaldet, så opdateringer fremover er gratis for alle der har købt oversættelsen.
  12. Hi Ajouz, Sorry for contacting you OT here but I can't PM you; Are you interested in doing some custom work? Will pay... regards, claus
  13. ...og så kom den lige online. Der var ikke ændret noget fra 3.4 til 3.4.1, men jeg har lavet lidt optimeringer primært i 'mine indstillinger, og så er 'sign in through LinkedIn' kommet med. Får opdateret til nye versioner af Content og Chat indenfor de nærmeste dage - skal lige have rettet en lille fejl på min server inden jeg tør opgradere versioner :-)
  14. Hej, den kommer i løbet af få dage :-)
  15. Opdateret til nyeste versioner, rettet et par stavefejl m.m.
  16. Beklager jeg ikke har set dit spørgsmål før nu, men kæmper lidt med at få IPB siden her til at sende mig besked når der er svaret på emnet. Har du fundet svar på dit spørgsmål?
  17. Hi Ajouz, interested in doing a custom skin? Pls contact me.

  18. That removed the badge :-) But also on people who actually donated - is this because i deleted my goals ? (completed)
  19. You mean rebuild of cache? Tried that...
  20. After upgrading i am getting the 'Donator' label on every user? www.vildmedgolf.dk I tried deleting old goals (were 100%) and adding a new one. But cant find the setting where i choose to give donators the 'Donator' badge on their profile?
  21. hmm, maybe i'm blind, but can't find #community_app_menu li ul a anywhere...
  22. Hi Robert, a couple of small questions / issues on my site www.vildmedgolf.dk 1. how do i adjust the height of the submenu elements? have experimented with the css but with no luck (reverted all changes) 2. My (sub)menu works on Firefox but not on IE? 3. And on my IPB default skin I have no menu at all?
  23. Så er der uploadet nyeste version der indeholder oversættelser til IP.Board 3.3.4 og alle tilhørende komponenter, plus et par ekstra 3. parts udvidelser :-) Demo af oversættelsen på www.vildmedgolf.dk
  24. Der kommer en ny version til IP:Board 3.3.4 samt alle underliggende addons en af de kommende dage... :-)
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