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  1. Reset when pressing 'edit...' and viewing
  2. I could use the following functionality, don't know if it's already available? : - Form field for game date - Form field (text) for game place (adress, or in my case, which golf course) - Form field for marker name (text) - Form field for actual score (text or number) In other words, just the ability to add a number of form fields to gather info about each game..
  3. Looking forward to it :-)
  4. Looking forward to this. Paid for the old version but never got round to actually using it :-) My installation is Golf sport related, and want my members to use it for both virtual and actual tournaments :-)
  5. One minor problem, it hides all emoticons as well, and not too stylish ;-)
  6. Can't get the address field to work properly, getting this : Also, when I edit some field values (dropdown and URL variants), save, and try to edit the unit again, the field values are reset.
  7. Hi Mike, can i renew my 3.x Videos licence and get an upgrade to 4.x ?

    1. Michael.J


      As long as your IPB 3.4 Videos subscription is active, you can just send me a PM to request a free upgrade to IPB 4 Videos.

  8. Waiting... hoping ... :-)
  9. 4.0 version anytime soon ? Who comes first - this or Classifieds? ;-)
  10. Does it support user groups ? Want an annoying bar shown every 10 posts to guests who are not logged in. (If yes, this is perfect :-) BTW, An idea; instead of defining the positions (10,20,30,40,50...) it would be nice if it was possible to just define: "Every XX posts"
  11. True, just want language to be set depending on the domain entered. (.com, .de, .dk, .se etc.) same installation, it will have English and language specific forums. I am not asking about license policy, but whether it is technically possible. I see other websites doing this..
  12. Is it possible to set language in the URL ? i want to setup up the same page On 3 different domain names, and let the domain name entered set the language like if you type website.com you get the english language version, and if you type website.de you get german language selected or Can this be done otherwise?
  13. OK, but how to make it repeat for each 10 posts like the do on golfwrx?
  14. have pages installed -just don't see how? :-)
  15. Want to give it a try? And how much ? :-)
  16. Yeah. But they repeat i 3 times on each page, enough to make you want to sign in or sign up.. :-) Would really like to test that...
  17. I see this plugin that put messages in between threads to guests only, asking them to join - that is really nice. But what plugin does this?
  18. ​I have the opposite problem :-) , my users want to be able only to quote the last post in a post that has other qoutes, but can only get nested quotes, and that can result in som really long posts...
  19. my 4.04 is still crashing on iOS despite the changelog says its fixed. others experiencing the same?
  20. Is there any way to make the editor default a single line break when pressing enter? And also, can a new line always start with a capital letter?
  21. How does this work? I have my own users and want to connect to another site, so that their users can log into my site with their existing credentials. Even better if they were automatically logged in :-) If I enter the "external database" details, are all the other sites users being imported as users on my site at once, or are they genereated as they log in to the other site, my site, or not imported at all? BR, claus
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