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  1. been importing rss feeds into pages for a while now not sure how this is any different https://www.mymilitia.com/militia-news/
  2. i used translations to fix
  3. im using the hours version but it says mins ...
  4. You mis-understood i appreciate your reply and based on it asked Invision to add Nodes to search index. Thanks @Adriano Faria
  5. Attn: @Invision Community - Please add "Nodes" to the admin cp search index. FWIW when i search for anything using a search tool my expectations are for it to return results relating to my search terms, i don't care if its a language translation. I search because i'm looking for something ... it is because of my own ignorance of not knowing correct location.... like when i yell at my wife and ask where my socks are if they are not where i think they should be , she does not say "socks don't exist"
  6. I consider these settings.. If they are not settings what are they?
  7. Thanks for the update, can you please make the category list movable
  8. add to existing menu manager like wordpress you select what menu you wish to edit a
  9. I cannot find any core/CreateMenu or anywhere to edit whats in this menu
  10. please add "last online" to the admincp user profile view
  11. Been waiting for something like this , i didn't want the entire user group to change just for profile field options to show on postbit but anyway ....problem is over 50% of users are on mobile phones and wont see this nice feature
  12. I have Guest content showing in the feed
  13. Every day i get multiple .. "Guest did this", "Guest did that" and NO WHERE do i see ANY of this content , not even in the moderation que
  14. oK sorry i was ignorant of what this app was for, thought it was a leaderboard of who won the most days etc..
  15. its not 😞 look how crappy the image looks using this plugin vs normal
  16. I thought this was total amount of wins
  17. Yeah im good now i deleted the overlay
  18. Here is my footer using this addon
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