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  1. "Sorry, you aren't permitted to download this file" The way you treat your clients shows exactly were are you going to! IPS is obsolete (just like T1000). Asking every 6 month for a complete suite more than 100$ only to have access to files for which I PAID AND CAN'T get them? What if I lost my backups? Huh?
  2. Thanks for your help. Solved! Would be nice if you could add iframe function as well. And if we could make use of a FULL ckeditor. Cheers, Aelx
  3. Hi, I would really need help. I can't get any popup to work - with "custom". I'm very concerned about because usually popups need css and javascript alongside with html. Do you have any samples (code samples - I need to understand how is this set)? Thanks.
  4. I still can't get the permissions {from application base - FAQ 3.1.1 (3101) }. I only get: application online / offline.
  5. Just installed and get: Error code: 2S100/4 On the Application: permissions are NOT visible! So, I can't set the groups. You should clarify that the "collection" is needed prior adding questions. Solved.
  6. It's a public (of course, registration is necessary: https://forum.astramania.ro). But, I forgot to mention 2 things: 1. It's about a previous vs. - 3.4.6 2. Recently, updated to secured protocol - https. However, I own 2 IPB licenses and both of them are not parsing the videos from FB. Nevermind, I've got it working, but was a pain in the ass finding the proper media replacement match.
  7. No, is not working. No issue with Youtube. Only FB.
  8. Hello, I'm looking as well a media tag for FB, to get video clips parsed. I've searched everywhere and couldn't find anything to get it working.
  9. Does anyone know how to add locations? The "add location" is not working? Thanks.
  10. I know about the cloning language, is not something new :). Was only asking if it's possible the other way. Thanks for clarifying. As for point 3: wouldn't be interacting so hard because it will be only for the time of the battle (let's say an hour for 3 games between two teams). That should get the query stats data for every 20 minutes and not before. Once the first game finishes, the score will be attached due to server stats. And so on, 3 times per hour, per battle time. A competition could load during 1 week or more, is not a must to have everything during one day ... I am talking here about teams with at least 5 members each one! Anyway, those were only pin points and not mod MUST adds. Cheers, Alex
  11. Hello, Nice and useful app for gaming communities. Though, there are some comments I'd like to pin point: 1. a live demo to see this app in action; 2. the ability to set the scores set from a counter strike server - if I'm having a tournament within my community, I'd like to have the scores automatically set by the server itself and not having to do it manually; 3. the ability to translate the plugin to another language outside admincp (a protected language can't be translated); 4. the ability for each team to have a protected forum/topic (in order to discuss their strategy, plans for each games and maps etc.). Note. If people are willing to pay for modifications, I think there should be a private communication method between client and developer. Or not :)? Cheers, Alex
  12. Very nice plugin and working by the book! It gives a "pro" vision of the entire board. One question though: Adriano, is there on any way possible to have this on all forums (and topics) not only on board index? I mean, while looking to new posts (maybe writing a reply), is it possible to have this information all times aside ? Thanks for your work. Appreciated. Regards, Alex
  13. And I've got it working, at least for the moment. Still, I have to check more, but for the moment, is working. Thanks for your help, clues etc.
  14. Oh, sorry Aiwa. I didn't realize that.
  15. The SteamID used is the old school: STEAM_0:0:2101321
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