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  1. Do you have a IPB v4 version of social groups and if not, would you be interested in hire to create one?

  2. As of this week I have started looking into what an update to 4.0 would look like. I am just in the feature planning stage currently but I'll start posting updates once I get into development. From what I have seen thus far all of the "tricks" I used on forums in order to make them private in IPB3 should still be possible (maybe even easier now) so there doesn't seem to be any technical issues preventing the upgrade. In fact some of the changes might make it possible for private calendars and galleries to be created as well although it is still early so don't count on it just yet. I'll get a
  3. Will Groups work in IPS 4 ?

  4. Hi all, I am in the middle of final exams for school right now so I haven't had much of a chance to assess how social groups will fit into IPB 4. I plan to look over it and give a more complete assessment before christmas on if I will be able to port Social Groups to IPB 4, what it might look like, and my general involvement in this application moving forward. I obviously haven't been able to keep up with it lately which I regret and I don't want to move it to IPB 4 if I won't be able to support it properly. Thanks for your patience, Robert
  5. Unfortunately that is not possible currently. The invited user will have to press the "join group" button in order to view the homepage. Go to ACP -> Social Groups -> Default Ranks -> Guest and edit their permissions so that they cannot see the forum. This should make it so all groups created from now on will start off with guests not being able to view the group forum. I believe this will resolve your issue. 1. Can you press F12 and go to the console tab and send me any errors that show up? Not sure why it wouldn't work with a different language. 2. It seems like y
  6. You can't disable the "RSyvarth Social Groups Forums" hook, it breaks the app.
  7. Ok, sorry for the awful support. I am back around for a bit now. This is sort of a blanket response since there have been many issues with configuring permissions properly. I will go back through soon and answer individual questions as needed. (I am still planning on updating this app for IPB 4.0, it just might take me a little while). So permissions on social groups work very similarly to IPB. That means that all the "invite only" setting controls is whether members can join the group or not. "Hidden" just controls whether the group will show up in the social group listing. In additi
  8. You can change the permission on each part of the group. To make it so users who are not a member of the group can't view the group content all you need to do is go to the GroupCP and change the permissions for guests so they can't view anything in the group. Let me know if you need more detailed instructions. (Note: this would have to be done on a per-group basis, not globally)
  9. Feel free to add me on skype (rsyvarth) or to send me an email (robert@syvarth.com). I would be glad to talk over changes with you as I start to update the app for IPB 4.0 Social group forums function as normal forums so post counts will increase as they do elsewhere on your site. To be honest, I don't quite remember what I was thinking upon creating that table schema, it has been a few years. It seems like it storing integer values in there but the schema is a tinyint so presumably that is wrong. I am updating it to int(10) in the next release which should take care of the i
  10. Hey, Thanks for the feedback! I have added the secondary groups and ansi quotes fixes into my build. I will include them in the text release. As for making a mobile skin - the app was made when IPS was trying to decide between mobile web and mobile apps so I didn't end up making a mobile skin for fear it would be obsolete. With 4.0 they seem to have a much clearer view on how mobile will work going into it so Social Groups will definitely be designed around mobile when I rewrite for 4.0. I added the News / Latest posts stuff to the tracker. Hopefully adding checks for that stuff wil
  11. Hey guys, I finally have a bit of time. I am responding to posts in this topic first, then I will get to all of your PMs. Thanks again for your patience! Looks like an issue with trying to edit a member in a group who isn't actually in the group. I put a fix in, it will come out with the next version. Yea, sorting the directory will likely be included when the app is upgraded for IPB 4.0. It is basically on feature lock until then. Sorry, I don't quite understand what you are saying here.. he didn't receive any notification of what? I think this is due to confl
  12. Hey guys, I know I haven't responded to many of you. I haven't forgotten, just getting a little busy. I will get back to you all the next chance I get. Robert
  13. To upgrade you just need to upload all of the files again (overwrite the existing ones). Then login to the ACP and it will take you through the rest of the upgrade process automatically. To remove the link for mass pm you'll have to do a file edit. Open admin/applications_addon/other/groups/addons/official/core/xml/navigation.xml and delete the following lines: <element> <id>g_mass_pm_list</id> <name>g_mass_pm_list</name> <link>app=groups&amp;module=view&amp;section=manage&amp;gid=%g_id%&amp;app_id=core&amp;do=mes
  14. It does not currently check secondary groups for group creation limits. I'll add it to the bug tracker
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