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  1. Hello @newbie LAC! Are there any plans to update this plugin to 4.6 or you have abandoned it?
  2. That's fine but how to get topic or post feed from different forums/topics on different Pages Database records? I can't use Block manager, because its layout is the same on all pages. I can make a separate custom blocks for every record (every forum/topic I want to get feed from), dozens of them. But is there a better solution? A kind of a parameter sent to the custom block from the page?
  3. This is a very useful plugin, but it seems it does not work as expected. When you change a tag using Mass Tag Topics it removes all previous tags from the topics and assigns the entered one. For example, if you already have topics with different tags: Topic 1 (tag 1, tag 2) Topic 2 (tag 2) Topic 3 (tag 1) and you want to add another one "tag 3" to all of them, you can not use Mass Tag Topics for this. Because if you will select these topics and will enter a new "tag 3" using this plugin, you will have this: Topic 1 (tag 3) Topic 2 (tag 3) Topic 3 (tag 3) And you will loose all other tags. A have lost all my one hour work because of this. I think it could be great that there will be some more options: (1) merge entered tags with current ones an (2) remove entered tags from selected topics if they have ones. Thank you!
  4. I hope this "no" means "Well, not now, but may be later". 🙂
  5. Oh… It seems not quite intuitive for me... Maybe a message like "Uncheck all to see per-application tabs" on the "Content" tab should help.
  6. Tere is no answer because there is Forums tab in the video while I don't have one.
  7. Hi! For the first time I'm just giving up. So simple and stupid question: how to add a moderator to a a specific forum in 4.3 if there is now such tab in moderator settings? 😕
  8. To view entire blog or this is per entry feature? How about special friends entries only list?
  9. Great news! And I still hope for grammar module. No more "1 users" please. :)
  10. Sharing, tagging... My dreams are coming true! I'm so exiting and... impatient!
  11. [quote name='c u l8er' timestamp='1300309383']False,I already found a bug :) look at picture #2. Shouldn't that say 1 user is online? Instead it says 1 users are online. Well, still no grammar module...
  12. Well, I can understand your Apple style policy, but you should understand your customers too. We don't know what to expect. Sometimes it's a matter of money. I need some features I have in IPB 2 now and do not have in IPB 3. Bad news is we still don't have such big number of mods for IPB 3 like for IPB 2 and most of the 2.x mod developers didn't upgrade their mods for IPB 3. Now, to migrate to IPB 3 I have two options: to spend about $1000 for customizing my IPB 3 or to wait new IPB 3.x version, that possibly will have some new features I need. The problem is I know nothing about new features and I have only wait and pray. Will IPB 3.2 have gallery posting tool or I need to hire programmers to write it for me? I don't know. This makes me nervous. :unsure:
  13. Because this is just impossible. There is no "bug-free" software more complex than just the "Hello World!". And bigger software
  14. Maybe I'm looking too rude, but you are wrong. Every forum and blog engine is being targeted by spammers. LiveJournal is being targeted by spammers last months, and reCaptcha does not always help. Now in LJ they started to use linguistic algorithms to detect possible spam and screen such comments. One of the most popular vBulletin boards — skyscrapercity.com with about 40 millions posts is being targeted by spammers now. This is not just an IP.Board, this is a global Web 2.0 challenge. And IPS was one of the first companies who tried to response globally using it's anti-spam service.
  15. Well, but we can skip the last confirmation if we are using the recycle bin forum
  16. Well, you don't need to do it yourselves, you only need to add the ability to add some custom grammar logic and add the ability to to store language strings as arrays (and let the forum to use them). As you don't make translations yourselves, you don't need to make foreign grammar logic yourselves too. Just let do it to foreign people. Maybe not in plain complicated PHP, maybe in some kind of abstraction level, like you did it with procedures in templates. I think it's very useful even for you and for the most popular English
  17. Searchengines like keywords in title tag, but not always we can put keyword we need in forum or topic title. Sometimes we have keyword only in description. Make a custom title for every topic by hand is boring, why not to let the forum display a description in title tag together with title: "Topic Title. Topic Description" as an option. Of course forum description in title tag should be without any BB or HTML tags.
  18. This is fantastic! This is just the same warning system I use on my IPB 2 forum! The list of warnings (but not integrated :( ), verbal warning, suspensions (actually premoderation, read only and ban) and all other. Maybe exept warnings view
  19. How funny, we say just like that (Pardon mon French) when saying some offensive in Russia. :) As about topic preview, these popping out panels really irritate.
  20. I just know nothing about grammar in different languages besides Russian, English and French. But I think the idea is in special methods which can analyze the number near the noun and maybe some information about this noun (if its kind influences the form) and then select appropriate language string from lang file. You only need to write a special grammar class once and connect some new logic when adding new language. For English we need two forms in lang file: $foo = array ('singular' => 'foo', 'plural' => 'foos'); And this logic: if ($num < 2) { $foo['singular']; } else { $foo['plural']; } For Russian: $foo = array ('singular' => 'foo', 'plural_1' => 'fooa', 'plural_2' => 'fooov'); if (substr ($num, -1) == 1 && $num != 11) { $foo['singular']; } if (substr ($num, -1) >= 2 && substr ($num, -1) <= 4 && $num < 12 && $num > 14) { $foo['plural_1']; } if ((substr ($num, -1) >= 5 && substr ($num, -1) <= 9) || substr ($num, -1) == 0 || ($num >= 11 && $num <= 14)) { $foo['plural_2']; } Hope I was not get wrong with logic. :) We have to modify lang files this way: $lang = array ( 'approve_img_mem' => array ( 'singular' => '<i>There is <b>%s</b> pending image for this member</i>', 'plural' => '<i>There are <b>%s</b> pending images for this member</i>')); Different language files can have different number of strings according to language logic, for example: $lang = array ( 'approve_img_mem' => array ( 'singular' => '<i><b>%s</b> изображение ожидает подтверждения для этого пользователя</i>', 'plural_1' => '<i><b>%s</b> изображения ожидает подтверждения для этого пользователя</i>'), 'plural_2' => '<i><b>%s</b> изображений ожидает подтверждения для этого пользователя</i>')); Maybe some other people from different countries tell us about their grammar rules to see that my suggestion is (or not) enough to provide all forms.
  21. Most Roman languages (and English too) has only two forms of nouns: one singular and one plural (usually ends with -s). This is very easy to develop programs in these languages using simple logic (if < 2 use singular else use plural). And there are only two forms of nouns in lang files. But things get much worse if we are trying to translate the software into other languages like Russian and maybe some others (maybe IP.Board international customers help me). We have 3 forms of nouns in Russian: one is for singular and any numbers ended with 1 exept 11 (1 файл (file), 21 файл (file), 31 файл (file) and so on), one for plural for any numbers ended with 2, 3 and 4 exept 12, 13 and 14 (2 файла (files), 3 файла (files), 4 файла (files), 22 файла (files), 23 файла (files), 24 файла (files), 32 файла (files) and so on) and another one for any other numers: ended with 5-0 and 11-19 (5 файлов (files), 6 файлов (files), 11 файлов (files), 25 файлов (files) and so on). Now, the two forms language model is just untranslatable into three forms language model because there is no nor language strings for three forms, neither the logic which can select appropriate string. And IBR said they can not do anything with that. Since most applications are in English made by English speaking developers no one pay attention on this. And translators have only three options: leave the sentences grammatically wrong (like writing 'You have 1 messages' or 'There is 5 post in the topic') or to make sentences computer generated view: 'Messages: 5', 'You have comments: 1' or to write all forms at once: '5 файл (-а, -ов)'
  22. In IP.Board as in some other forum software we can use Ctrl+B to make the text bold, Ctrl+I for italic and Ctrl+U for underline. But this doesn't work in Mac/Safari. Ctrl+B is reserved for moving cursor back in Safari, so it seems we have to use native Cmd+Key Mac shortcuts. Please make Safari as full-functioned as other browsers!
  23. How can user edit the title or description of his topic? He must click on edit post button, then click on Use Full Editor button and just then edit Title/description. Why not just place Title/description inputs in quick edit panel when we edit first post in a topic?
  24. In IP.Board 2 we had the standard JS dialog windows when trying to insert link, email link or image. There were some limitations and issues with that and in IP.Board 3 the dialog windows were replaced. But JS dialog windows has one very useful function: we could enter some text (usually from clipboard using cmd+V/ctrl+V) in it and press 'Enter' key to place the link. But now the 'Enter' key does not function: we must use a mouse cursor to click on a Insert Link/Insert Image button (at least in Safari). Please, return this function and let us using keyboard!
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