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  1. Problem solved for MattLx Testing and monitoring now ....
  2. I add a workaround fix to just get it work and i will look further on more details later It is a temporary fix at the moment.....
  3. As before upgrade all was ok then maybe it has to do with the IPB upgrade and not server related..... In any case i clear all caches and restart all services and it didn't work..... I just did a test and load a backup with previous IPB version and all working great.... So it looks like something is not working on the latest IPB update....
  4. Almost all of my clients had that kind of issues with the latest update and we solve them by increasing php timeouts and input time limits plus using the file from: But i recommend you to open a support ticket as other member issues may be not related.
  5. What about the search change from Sphinx to ?
  6. I can see that you are in love with my idea Nice ! Forums in my opinion in the way that we know them are boring and almost dead They need to be more interactive and push more data to the users (i know about activity stream)
  7. Hi Crazy idea for today ! Add voice commands search option like Cortana Windows 10 so the users can search using microphone and not by typing Thanks
  8. .htaccess offers flexibility but kill performance ! http://wiki.nginx.org/LikeApache-htaccess
  9. @Adlago It will be better if you post exacty the line that you add so other users can benefit from it That's great Revenge FNF post a nice find also about an sql query that creates a tmp table and should be fixed. In general it will be great to have optimizations most for SQL query stuff and java and ......
  10. Zend Opcache with Memcache together is the best
  11. Can you use a better cache system as Memcache?
  12. Hi Matt Do you plan to add performance improvements from here: http://community.invisionpower.com/4featureplan/ before the final version?
  13. Yes true Thanks Joel R ! The text preview is broken when you use an emoticon and i need an edit now I can see only: Hi... It should be about two lines Also minimum price for projects starting from 500$ that is to high In my opinion should be like: Less than 100$ 200$ 300$ 500$ 1000$ .......................


    Server performance optimizations Server security optimizations Database performance optimizations Memcached object cache Redis data structure cache Elastic search Forum migration from one server to another Automated encrypted incremental mysqlhotcopy/XtraDB backups Automated system restore OPENDKIM signed emails Malware detection with email alerts High Availability Proxy MariaDB Galera Cluster database replication MaxScale database proxy GlusterFS files replication Php-Fpm multiple pools (internal load balancing) phpMyAdmin Server Live monitoring Csf firewall AntiDDOS - Rate limiting - Block vulnerability scanners Let's Encrypt Free DUAL ssl certificates Cpanel Nginx performance acceleration. Most used services: Clean install on Centos 64Bit - NGINX - MARIADB - PHP-FPM (Multiple pools) - OPCACHE - MEMCACHED - REDIS - ELASTIC SEARCH - PAGESPEED Module - CSF Firewall - PhpMyAdmin - Let's encrypt ssl (http2) certificate (for https) and more... One time optimization for your existing setup fixing high server load. Smooth upgrade from IPB3 to IPB4 Monthly administration for your server updating system/software and keep server secure. If you need any help/service please send me a personal message (PM).
  15. @Feneroin That's true but was not posted here
  16. It will be great if IPB can provide all rewrite rules needed for Litespeed and Nginx.....
  17. The biggest performance advantage for IPB4 will be the easy way to cache guests that already works on beta I didn't have the time to benchmark if it is faster using the onboard option with Memcache for example or if it is faster to do it in the hard way with Nginx fcgi cache .... Xenforo can do that also with a few edits (not so easy as one click on IPB) and not out of the box solution as some lines of custom coding needed to get the magic HIT ... Xenforo has every query optimized one by one and they seems to do a very good job at it ! Invision is more easy to use and more good looking with more hooks than Xenforo so more flexible... Xenforo at the moment seems to be more secure..... So there are a lot to think before you compare both products... Also comparing the products by visiting the homepages of them is wrong !!!!!! We do not know what hardware they use. We do not know how they optimize each server. We do not know what caching methods they use and how they configure it. We do not know if anyone is using any Ram partition.. We do not know if they use Myisam or Innodb .... And i can type for days more and more as performance is not something that depends from one or two things... I hope to see soon Official IPB forum to use Nginx as it is a lot faster than Apache :)
  18. Let's wait for the final release
  19. Yes it is better to wait for final release and then translate it
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