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  1. Mark what about rolling back to a backup pre-seo self destruct? Then just re-import the newer posts. Honestly we had a very similar thing happen in 2009 when we moved from ipboard 2 to ipboard 3. Our SEO got completely trashed and ad revenue dropped to 1/3rd what it was. If I was smart I would have just rolled back and waited for 3.0 to become more mature. But we kept on it and a year later the ad revenue pretty much bounced back/recovered fully. And I'm interested in testing 4.0 carefully this time for the same reason and to better identify what link structures would change and forward them appropriately (hopefully little to no negative changes).
  2. bfarber is offering an end user toggle to run the site under ssl possible via ipboard 3.4+ ? If so how would you create a toggle like this? Seeing a end user toggle would be an amazing feature/capability! Especially with all of the security/government snooping news lately.
  3. I perfer >post #3's suggestion entering a password 2x is great for verification, however the more fields you have at registration the lower your conversion rates will be.
  4. I'll have to try it out then. It seems like Nexus is a really popular request in regards to https.
  5. interesting I didnt think that was possible. Originally as an example of my setup for my site: I was thinking I could do 2 sets of urls non https --> https (2 seperate urls) upload http://ups.mazda626.net ----> https://d1u9jyesu396vx.cloudfront.net css http://sd1.mazda626.net ----> https://dnma4hc22tbaa.cloudfront.net images http://pb.mazda626.net ----> https://d3bjtoatzo001g.cloudfront.net js http://sd1.mazda626.net ----> https://dnma4hc22tbaa.cloudfront.net but now that you mention that, as long as it works for me I can simply use //d1u9jyesu396vx.cloudfront.net //dnma4hc22tbaa.cloudfront.net //d3bjtoatzo001g.cloudfront.net //dnma4hc22tbaa.cloudfront.net I'll 100% have to give that a shot! The other issue I'm seeing though is that will only work for full sitewide https encryption via config file, not via "use https for logins" because use https for logins still pulls from inline stylesheets.
  6. I fully acknowledge that both Full site ssl via https in the config file and the current toggle for "login using https/ssl" both work for 3.4, however we are missing a number of features in regards to both using CDN's and more granular control over SSL usage in IPBoard. I suspect that a lack of support for some of these features, especially CDN's, is making it more difficult for admins to utilize https/ssl for their communities. High Priority: SSL doesnt work properly with CDN's. Many CDN's now support SSL including amazon cloudfront. We should have alternate https/ssl cdn text fields in the backend. Which means we need an alternate ssl urls fields for the following items within general configuration: Images URL, Upload URLS, CSS URL, JS URL, SSL on login shouldnt force inline stylesheet if SSL CDN urls are available (see above). SSL for admin should have its own toggle via acp. Slightly Lower Priority: SSL isn't optional for the user(outside of login pages if thats enabled), this is nice functionality to have for users to control individually, if they want enhanced security perhaps they could click a special icon that toggles https/ssl mode (or a user profile setting) IPS should consider making all https/ssl toggles (like ssl for logins, and ssl for admin) controllable via a config file to keep admins from potentially locking themselves out with those settings.
  7. very cool Rohitab, I would love to get this built in as an official IPB toggle (toggle full size attachments or something of that sort).
  8. IPB 4.0 Performance Feature Requests

    Gotchya! Just misunderstood. I also agree that the Nginx /Varnish are the 1%, but interest in nginx and varnish is certainly rising, and it is becoming more and more accessible as out of the box solutions with increasing plugin support for popular server/host management systems like WHM. The only thing i partially disagree with the traffic spike thing, its useful for alot more than that. Reducing CPU Usage, Improving connect/wait times, etc. But its alsoo great for traffic spikes too of course.
  9. IPB 4.0 Performance Feature Requests

    When I mention Nginx & Varnish in the same sentence I was referring to the ability to have "safe" micro-caching out of the box. I think thats what Dmacelo referenced as well, (were both optimization junkies) Sorry I should have been more transparent. Also Dfarber thanks for the input it all seems very reasonable, do you think well see better CDN support prior to IPB4?
  10. IPB 4.0 Performance Feature Requests

    Thanks I appreciate that input! if I could get any one of them, I'd take the CDN fix though. It would save me the most time, and is a pretty simple fix!
  11. I'm reccomending a slightly modified version of this here: The idea is, let IPB admins set image thumbnails, or image sizes to be a % of content width available up to 100% the size of the image. (We don't ever want them blown up to 110% 120% etc b/c of distortion. So now admins would have direct pixel sizes, or % width.
  12. I'd like to start this topic to get some discussion going on how we'd like to improve IPB 4.0 out of the box performance. Please don't move away from this topic focus (other 4.0 requests should be placed in a separate thread) These aren't necessarily ordered in order of importance, but 1) Better CDN Compatibility with versioned css/js filenames: Current Setup: The current cache url often won't change after you make edits to css/js, which means for us using CDN's that are "pull" cdn's like amazon cloudfront have a bit more difficulty getting fresh files pushed out properly. Push CDN's shouldn't have much of a problem, but pull is probably just as common (if not more common than push). Right now here is what I have to do manually, every time I update a theme to get maximum benefit from CDN's. for include js/include css files within a theme: <if test="csstominify:|:$this->settings['use_minify'] AND count($this->minify)"> <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" media='screen,print' href="{$this->settings['css_base_url']}min/index.php?ipbv={$this->registry->output->antiCacheHash}my_v01252013-2&amp;f={parse expression="str_replace( $this->settings['css_base_url'], PUBLIC_DIRECTORY . '/', implode( ',', $this->minify ) )"}" /> </if> for more details here is the full writeup I wrote on Amazon CloudFront IPBoard setup and file versioning: http://community.invisionpower.com/resources/articles.html/_/server-resource-management/cdn-minify-guide-r625 I have to insert my own custom date perameter to show myself A) when the filename was last changed/updated on the cdn and B) to have a fresher cdn content How Versioned Filenames would improve it: Versioning for certain CDN's like Amazon Cloudfront is far quicker and easier than trying to purge old CDN data. And honestly doing that for 3 themes (2 regular themes, and 1 mobile) everytime I implement custom changes is becoming a huge hassle. File Versioning css/js will make IPBoard overall out-of-the-box more CDN friendly. 2) Official support for Varnish or Nginx Cache This one might be a pipe dream, but official support for one of these would be really nice. It would greatly reduce the hassel of running one of these systems, and possibly give us all performance benefits beyond our wildest dreams :) Purge Header integration should would be ideal (at a bare minimum), their are plugins for this like nuno's but I think most performance junkies would agree this should be integrated with the core. 3) Responsive Desktop/Tablet (mobile still should be treated separately though) Responsive makes sense for desktop and tablet, but for mobile, responsive designs often can hurt performance and user experience. Unless responsive is done perfectly (in a way where it was far less http requests than our current mobile theme) it will be best to keep IPB mobile themes. Mobile is especially sensitive to # of http requests, and request sizes. Despite 4g growing in availability we need to think 3g compatibility /optimization for smartphones. 4) A light(er)weight default mobile theme Roughly 1/3rd or 30-35% of internet traffic is from mobile devices now, we should respect that by offering the highest performing mobile theme we can to IPB communities. The mobile theme has been much improved over previous versions, but it can and should get even better. Symbol Fonts > Images Sprites Any necessary icons should evolve away from sprites and into Symbol Fonts(current optimization trend, where you use vector fonts instead of images to conserve bandwidth, which is especially important for mobile users) with CSS applied to color and stylize them. Image Compression: All pngs should be compressed with png-outi (ideally no images for a mobile theme all css) I was able to save about 35 kb by compressing existing mobile images with pnggauntlet mobile_ipb_default_vs_optimized_images.zip All Mobile Theme Images should be sprites: All PNG’s/Images should be in a single sprite image (again ideally no images, symbol fonts is best) More specifically rarrow.png, f_unread, f_read, should all be in spirtes. 5) Responsive Image Scaling Instead of setting a single resolution for thumbnails or images that are uploaded, it would be awesome to set it as a percentage of content space available for the image (up to 100%% max, and would never scale beyond original image size). 6) Lazy Loading Nuno made an excellent plugin for this, which I'm currently testing compatibility with of IE 8 (the oldest version of IE I'm still seeing significant traffic on), if applying this technology is compatible with all major browsers IE 8 and newer, we should see excellent performance benefits here, especially for forums that are image/media intensive. I look forward to other performance junkie input. I'm going to try to rope in some of the other IPB Optimization pro's into this thread.
  13. 4.0 - Login Handlers

    Why would you use encryption for the password as opposed to a hash such as SHA-2 (or even SHA-3)? The guy who created Blowfish said in 2007 that he is amazed people are still using it and that he recommends Twofish instead.
  14. Thats a really smart idea, got the line # of that edit so we can share that with others? I may give that a shot.
  15. Best Answers, Unusable . . .

    IPB restricts editing so I can't change the first post or the title. But to me and my community best answers in its implementation is unusable/useless. Brilliant idea! Makes a hell of a lot more sense than an excerpt.