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  1. Who Viewed the Topic

    Awesome, many thanks!
  2. Who Viewed the Topic

    Excellent news and look forward to hearing that it has been done
  3. Who Viewed the Topic

    I have just bought this product and could you tell me how I fix the button layout so that it looks like a button please: I know I need to change ipsButton_link to ipsButton_important but do not know where the code is located? Thanks for your help
  4. Who Was Online

    EDIT - Delete this please.
  5. Message on Signup Screen

    Works perfectly, many thanks
  6. Message on Signup Screen

    This is not working for me on 4.2.2 as can be seen in the image below: Any chance of taking a look and fixing this?
  7. Who Was Online

    Any news on this being available as a download for the latest version?
  8. Default Cover Photo

    Excellent, many thanks!
  9. Default Cover Photo

    Can you confirm if this works for 4.2.x please?
  10. iAwards

    Thanks, I will take another look at it
  11. iAwards

    How to fix this layout issue for those that use Edge: Any help on how to sort this would be much appreciated thanks
  12. Portal

    Many thanks
  13. Portal

    Hi, If you just send me a pm with the file changes etc I'm sure I can do it and it saves you time too
  14. iAwards

    Thank you so much
  15. iAwards

    Hello I'm hoping somebody can help me with this.... I would like to move the Awards tab in the ACP to the bottom as shown in the image below: Could anyone be so kind as to help me do this please? Thanks in advance, Andy