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  1. 1.40 *seems* to be working in 4.6x... but I notice some errors being thrown now and then. Can not add or change existing rules, but the rules I had in place prior seem to still be operating. I hope this will be upgraded and maintained. It's a great app! I know devs have to prioritize their time and it is a lot of work to maintain everything. Thank you for that.
  2. Hello Adriano, I have experienced an issue as well with the last update. A number of user profiles return a completely empty (white) page. Not only on the public website, but within the ACP as well. When I turn off Member's shop all works again. I don't want to uninstall and reinstall, possibly causing more issues, without your advice first. I have cleared cache, restarted server, etc... all to no avail. I don't see any specific error or system logs (not that I really know what to look for..) Any thoughts? Apologies, that was premature. Seems the two hook files you uploaded fixed my issue as well!! Many thanks!!
  3. Yes. The App settings. Found that no one had "view" rights under the permissions tab.
  4. Thank you. I investigated a bit further and found that the permission settings had changed and needed to be updated for Member Country. Once I did that, all is right again.
  5. @Adriano Faria I am having a similar issue. Country flags have stopped appearing throughout my community. Language selector flags appear with no issue. Following advice above, I uninstalled and reinstalled member country to no avail. Have re-cached multiple times and restarted the server. Country flags do not appear in the IPS default themes nor in my default theme created by IPSFocus. Can you offer any advice? Thank you
    I think this is an AMAZING app! I am having difficulty with rules in 4.5, so I am hoping that there will soon be an update. Thank you for providing this!
  6. Hi Mike, Just using a simple MySQL Delete command.... DELETE FROM <DBNAME>.IPS_nexus_member_subscriptions where sub_active=0 Change <DBNAME> to your database name, and assumes you are using the default prefix IPS_
  7. No, it is clearly the addition of a free trial option.... which has a renewal built in. It does not address a time restricted subscription with no renewal. And as you stated, not the main purpose of my post, just on the list of my wishes.
  8. Yes. Any non-recurring subscription is presently perpetual.
  9. Hey, that is absolutely wonderful for you! Not really sure how that can be. IPS clearly stated that it is "By Design" that when a subscription expires, the member can ONLY renew that expired subscription.... and that is the issue I am facing. Thank you Brandon. Yes, I am aware. No problems with the Free Trial feature brought into the conversation by @Morrigan. My issues do not involve that feature. Simply changing from one subscription package to a different one AFTER a subscription expires. I'm not sure why there is difficulty grasping what I have explained... but having read about 60 of the messages that looked similar to mine, there are dozens of users experiencing the same issues.
  10. Hi @Morrigan, I think perhaps you misunderstood the scenario, or I did not explain it clearly enough. I have multiple subscription packages. One of them is named "10-Day Trial". Because it is not recurring, when I receive notice that a member has subscribed to it, I manually add an expiration date. Otherwise it would be perpetual. If you have multiple subscriptions packages available, then log in as any member with a expired subscription. You will find that the member has no option other than to renew that subscription. There are no other options. There is no "Free Trial", no problem upgrading as long as the subscription has not expired. Nothing wrong with my settings. As stated, I was unaware the issue even existed until a member brought it to my attention.
  11. While an avid supporter of IPS, Subscriptions has always been a sore spot for me. I offer a number of varied subscriptions but didn’t realize until recently that if a member chose the “10-day Trial” (Which I have to manually add an expiration date), that member can never choose a different subscription, say Annual, unless the member upgrades within the 10-day trial! I reported this to IPS and was told, “This is by design”. Questioning further, I was directed here to the “Feedback and Ideas” forum. Searching for “Subscription”, I was presented with 587 results mostly without any response from IPS. Some of you probably remember the Subscription Manager program written by Michael McCune. I believe Brandon Farber later took it over? It was excellent. I don’t know why it was so crippled within Commerce. In fact, the only reason I pay for Commerce is for Subscriptions. Yes, Support Tickets are nice, but can easily be moved to PM or Email. Okay… So what to do? If the subscription wasn’t active (thus inactive) and the member could renew it, only it and nothing else, I chose an inactive subscriber and manually cancelled his subscription through Commerce. That was WORSE!!! Now he couldn’t renew that subscription or purchase anything at all. After cancelling in Commerce, now it gave me the option to DELETE. But THAT forced me to mark the transactions as denied or refund. No, no, no…. However, deleting it did allow the member to be able to purchase any new subscription. My work around: I wrote a script that deleted all EXPIRED subscriptions from the table nexus_member_subscriptions but left all transaction data in place. I chose to share this experience and my “fix” because all of my issues have already been presented, multiple times, in this forum. I agree with a mass of users that IPS needs to give some “love” to subscriptions and Commerce. I have three major requests: I don't care about “inactive” subscribers, only “active”. Yes, a history of subscriptions would be desirable and welcome, but not at the cost of limiting the sites income stream by preventing members from subscribing. A much more friendly end-user interface to downgrade, upgrade, or cancel a subscription. AND truly have it removed if they cancel it. A NON-RECURRING time-based subscription. If it is 10-days, 30-days, or 365-days…. No matter…. It provides the benefit, reverts, and disappears.
  12. @InvisionHQ I am not beyond apologizing when I am wrong, and I am certainly wrong for making a judgement of your "character". You DID indeed respond to me in the Members Age Topic, directing to following this update topic. However, in the last 9 or 10 weeks, multiple requests in this thread have asked for an update and there has been no response until now. I even mentioned in a post that you were likely working on Paid apps first before free apps. Totally understandable. I offer my public apology to you for attacking your character. It was wrong of me to do that, regardless of the situation.
  13. I have read the whole thread, thanks, and messaged. There is absolutely no reference or response to MEMBERS AGE, despite multiple member requests for status update.
  14. Author/Developer has not responded to any requests regarding Member's Age since the release of 4.5. Personally, I find it rude and unprofessional. A true insight into the character of the Developer and what you can expect of any app they may author. Really, how difficult is a response? "I have abandoned the app" or " I have not yet realized the time to upgrade it"? Thumbs down. 😞
  15. Hello, I recently purchased as I liked the options that were offered. Specifically offering deactivation or delete. However, the other delete apps give the Admin the option of what to do with member content. I can't find that in this app. Our Terms define that the site owns posted public content, so we anonymize that content with guest_(username). Personal info, PM's. etc. are deleted. Did I miss a setting somewhere? Second, a suggestion that would be most helpful.... There is a "Reasons" log, should the member choose to provide a reason. Yet, there is no activity log created on the member account or any administrative notification whatsoever to show the action the member has taken. Short of creating an isolated usergroup, could the Reason log be expanded to include all activity? Deactivation, Reactivate, Deletion Pending. Deletion Cancelled, Account Deleted, etc.. ?? Would provide a most needed audit trail. Looking forward to an answer regarding content, and thank you for considering my enhancement request!
  16. I don't know if this helps or not, but I find that no matter what country is assigned/changed, it will revert back to the country of the registration IP address. We haven't allowed registration when using an active VPN for some time, but some older members had used one. I manually changed their registration IP to the appropriate country to correct.
  17. @InvisionHQ, I thought maybe you had forsaken this thread. I can imagine any major update like this is quite a demand on time. Can you please update us on Member Age? While I have certainly supported your apps, I also rely heavily on this particular free one. Knowing it's fate would be a great help..... Thank you.
  18. I attempted to merge two members today. Discovered a potential problem with Members country. Some of the error message below: UPDATE `IPS_memberscountry_members` memberscountry_members SET `mc_member_id`=28872 WHERE mc_member_id=13641 IPS\Db\Exception: Duplicate entry '28872' for key 'PRIMARY' (1062) #0 /home/public_html/system/Db/Db.php(1161): IPS\_Db->preparedQuery('/*database...', Array) #1 /home/public_html/applications/memberscountry/extensions/core/MemberSync/Flags.php(35): IPS\_Db->update('`IPS_memberscou...', '`mc_member_id`=...', 'WHERE mc_member...')
  19. I don't think it has even been submitted yet.... I'm guessing paid applications get first priority, and Member's Age was a free plug-in. I notice that its downloads are comparable with many of the paid apps, and I wouldn't have complained about paying for it then or now. I just hope it is on the list sometime soon 😞
  20. Members Age was voted for back on August 20... But I cast an up-vote for it as well 😉 A necessary and needed app for my site. Thanks!
  21. Hello, I was having an issue with registrations in 4.5.2. I had to disable Apps and plugins one-by-one to find the issue. Turned out to be Members Country Can you take a look?
  22. SMen

    Members Age

    I upgraded to the 4.5 platform today and was almost immediately bombarded with member complaints that the Member Age disappeared from profiles.... Do you have plans of updating the plugin for 4.5?
  23. Hello InvisionHQ!  I upgraded to the 4.5 platform today and was almost immediately bombarded with member complaints that the Member Age disappeared from profiles....

    Do you have plans of updating the plugin for 4.5?

    Thank you Much!


  24. the members need to check / claim their winning tickets in their my tickets page Understood. He did check, which was how the reply to the topic was made, and the entry into the Lottery Payouts log... Still, his personal points were not updated.
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